Jul 7, 2013

Operation Organize: Tackling Those Stamp Pads

Welcome to Sunday. How was your 4th of July weekend? Did you get to relax? And maybe even CRAFT? I hope you so!

Jennifer here to help you organize your stamp pads, or at the least help you be more efficient with them. One of my biggest pet peeves is inefficiency. I get bothered by wasted time. So a lot like my dauber post (you can see that here).  I want you do be able to see what you need right away. No need to waste time searching through your stamp pads to find the one you need.

The only materials you will need is— sticker paper (I used some labels we had laying around the office) and your stamp pads.

The fist thing you will need to do is, ink up a section of the sticker paper with your stamp pad color. I used a Kleenex to do this.

Then you will need to cut out strips of the color. Measure the size you will need by using the edge of the stamp pad. I apply the sticker to the long edge of the pad cover, but you might want to use the short edge.

 Then apply the stickers to the edge of covers.

As you can see some of them look white, so I just wrote the name of the color on the sticker.  You could add the names to all of them if you'd like.

I did this stickering to all of my stamp pads.

Gold, Silver, Papertrey Ink (you just need to adjust the size of the sticker to the particular stamp pad).

In this last photo are the Distress Inks that go with the Daubers post from last week.  Instead of using Kleenex to apply the ink to the sticker paper, I used the daubers.

Here are all of the newly stickered stamp pads in their rack. I use an old cassette case to hold my stamp pads. You can find them really really cheap at thrift stores, and come in a variety of sizes).  I also store the pads upside down. (I heard at some point that it was better for the stamp pad, because the ink goes to the top of the pad). No clue if that is right or not.

Now onto a card that shows a little color!  I used the Color Wheel Stamp set and the Distressed Chevron. What great sets!

Don't forget to get a Sneak Peek at the JULY release here! It is #2 in the slide show. The stamps will be available July 24th! Get your shopping list all written.

Also don't forget to join us for the release party on Facebook (here)!

Tell me, Who makes your favorite stamp pads? What do you like about them?

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  1. This is awesome. I need to sit down and label my Fresh Inks like that...thank you for sharing!

    1. You are welcome. Hope you have fun organizing.

  2. Do you store your stamp pads upside down??

    1. I do. All of them. It keep the ink at the surface. Then the ink pad is always "juicy".

  3. I heard the same thing about Distress Ink pads (upside down). This is a nice system, I used strips like this but with no color, just the names. Now I am going to go back and add the color, tfs!

    1. Thank you. I am glad you found it helpful.