Jul 6, 2013

Get Published- Volume Two

Hey Y'all!!!

Happy Saturday and hope all is well. It's Tenia here from Jazzy Paper Designs and I am here to give y'all the 411 on magazine publications and how to get published in your favorite magazines!!! If y'all missed the first volume of "Get Published" please do check it out here. Today I will give y'all info on the ever so popular CardMaker magazine!!

CardMaker magazine is a bi-monthy magazine that is published in January, March, May, July, September and November!! What is very cool about this magazine is that it appeals to all different levels!! Whether you are just starting off or a seasoned pro.....this magazine is just for you!!! So y'all want to give it a shot in getting published in this totally RAD magazine?? Here are the deets!!!

Do you remember from the last "Get Published" post that I mentioned on how Stampington and Co. and Scott Publications magazines have Editorial Calendars posted on their site? Well with CardMaker magazine you will have to e-mail the editor, Tanya Fox to get the most recent calendar. If you are interested in the most recent Editorial Calendar here is the e-mail: Submissions@CardMakerMagazine.com. The editor at CardMaker magazine is very good in getting back with you with the Editorial Calendar so that you can start creating....Woot Woot!!!

So I received the Editorial Calendar.....now what!?  Well after getting the calendar I sure hope that y'all would be creating something....lol!!! After your creations are done you will need to follow the Designer Guidelines that are posted on the CardMaker site. There is a form that you must copy and paste and add as an attachment and sent it to Submissions@CardMakerMagazine.com. For the rest of the Designer Guidelines please go here. After you followed the guidelines and e-mailed your projects to CardMaker magazine.....you just wait for that "Happy E-mail". If you didn't get a "Happy E-mail" no worries.....just try, try, try again!!! If you did.......AWESOMESAUCE!!! This magazine does pay you for your projects so you will have to fill out a W-9 (or W-8 if you are not from the United States). The pay depends on the project that you created. I know with some other magazines that  paper crafting projects like gift bags or home d├ęcor will get you more money......just sayin....lol!!!

Did y'all know that the Sweet Stamp Shop has a publication incentive??

Yep, we've got a publication incentive just for you!

It's super simple - If our stamps are used in a craft project that is published (in a physical magazine - sorry, no online magazine incentives at this time), and the name of the stamp as well as 'Sweet Stamp Shop' is mentioned - you'll get... 

$25 in Sweet bucks (can be used on anything in the sweet shop) 
Guest Designer Spot (includes free product) 

If you get the front cover of a magazine - and our images are center stage on your card - you'll get ... 

$50 cold hard cash!
$25 in Sweet Bucks (can be used on anything in the sweet shop) 
Guest Designer Spot (includes free product) 
I hope that this info has helped y'all!!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!

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  1. Good to know! Thanks Tenia! I have not heard or submitted to Card Marker magazine! Looks easy! Off to check out:)