Jun 22, 2013

Get Published- Volume One

Happy Saturday Sweet Friends! 

Nicole here, checking in - How much did you love the release?! We had so much fun showing off the new stamp sets - and we just can't wait to see what you talented ladies will make with the new images! (please share!) 

Today we're introducing a new series by Tenia Nelson, Getting Published! 

Getting Published?! What's that, you might ask.... 

Well, if you've ever checked out a print magazine (or maybe even an online one) full of crafty goodness - odds are that you've seen lots of contributing artists JUST LIKE YOU! 

Basically, people share with the magazines cards and other various crafty projects they've made - and in return they get to see their work in print! 

You might think to yourself - ok, that's cool - but, I don't know if that's enough incentive for me to take time to send in my creations to a magazine....

I'd say - WAIT - there's more! 

Different Magazines offer product, $$, and even long term designing in exchange for your creations! Not to mention, most manufactures offer 'publication incentives' -- so, if your creation gets picked up by a magazine and you've used a specific brand of ribbon (you mention that you did) - often times (like 89% of the time) that company will send you $$ or product or feature you on their marketing.... etc! 

From the average hobby crafter - all the way to the 'Martha' hopefuls .... there is a ton of reasons to try your hand at getting published ..... 

SO, without gabbin' on any more - here is Tenia with her first 'Getting Published' post....

Hey Y’all!!!
Happy Saturday and hope all is well!! It’s Tenia from Jazzy Paper Designs and every other Saturday for three months I will be giving y’all the 411 on getting published!!!

 One of the big things on getting published is…..well……DO IT!!! You never know if you do not try!!! It took me TWO years before I got anything published in ANY magazine. I kept on being persistent and then one day……BOOM!! Keep on submitting even though your projects do not get chosen the first time. As Dory from Finding Nemo would say “Keep on Swimming!”  Today I will spotlight on a few magazines that y’all could get published in.......CHECK IT!!!
The first Magazine that will be focused on is Stampington and Co. Take Ten Magazine. What is very cool about this magazine is that you could submit your projects all year round. You do have to mail in your submissions to this magazine and when your projects get selected you get a magazine sent to your home. Even though you do not get paid for this magazine the cards that do not get published in the magazine goes to charities and you get a copy of the magazine that you are published in….how cool is that?! There is a special form to type in your information to send in with your cards. Check it out here. Here are the rest of the Stampington and Co. submission calls that are going on right now.

The last magazines that will be focused on today is Scott Publications Just Cards! Magazine and Scrap and Stamp Arts. There is a editorial calendar for Just Cards! that  you can check out here and a editorial calendar for Scrap and Stamp Arts here. With the Scott Publications magazines you will have to type your info and materials list and send in the mail with your creations. As with the Stampington and Co. magazine you do not get paid and if your projects are chosen then you will receive your free magazine. What is so nice about these two magazine companies(Stampington and Co. and Scott Publications) is that you have ALL levels of card makers(beginning to advanced) that are represented……which is pretty RAD!!

 One of my cards that I created using Sweet Stamp Shop stamps was in the Just Cards! Vol. 27 magazine!! This is the card…..CHECK IT!!
 I used the Sweet Stamp Shop stamp set Spectacle:


Did you know that Sweet Stamp Shop has a publication incentive?

Yep, we've got a publication incentive just for you!

It's super simple - If our stamps are used in a craft project that is published (in a physical magazine - sorry, no online magazine incentives at this time), and the name of the stamp as well as 'Sweet Stamp Shop' is mentioned - you'll get... 

$25 in Sweet bucks (can be used on anything in the sweet shop) 
Guest Designer Spot (includes free product) 

If you get the front cover of a magazine - and our images are center stage on your card - you'll get ... 

$50 cold hard cash!
$25 in Sweet Bucks (can be used on anything in the sweet shop) 
Guest Designer Spot (includes free product) 


Well I hope this helped y’all and I will be back in two weeks to give y’all some more info on other RAD magazines and more publication info. Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well……

Thanks for stopping in today - Tenia will be with us for the next three months sharing her secrets! ONE more thing!

If you've been waiting to grab your favorite retiring sets - DON'T --- Lots of them only have ONE LEFT IN STOCK! So head over to the shop and grab those stamps you've been wanting - when they're gone - they're gone.

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  1. How AWESOME! I love Tenia's talk about Getting Published! So informative and fun ( and RAD, too)!Thanks for taking the time to do share this! You rock, Miss Tenia!

  2. EXCELLENT information T! Can't wait to see more of your tips and tricks...and more pubbed cards :) You rocked this :)

  3. Fantastic article!!! And great incentives, too. :D