Jul 1, 2013

Sweet Finds into Sweet Treasures

Good Morning Sweets!

Jessica Kephart here from { www.homespunelegance.blogspot.com }to Share some Fun and Fabulous Finds to Alter and create One of Kind Gifts!

Each project will be featuring some super SWEET TWISTS that I've challenged myself with and Challenge YOU TO CREATE!
  • These are all Sweet gifts to give to your friends and family
  • They all costs UNDER $5.00 to Make! <--------Um that's pretty Sweet! Right?
  • Some SWEET FINDS from the totally FREE to the FABULOUSLY FRUGAL to stampcycle into something totally spectacular!  
My first project is a Box & Card Set for any Occasion!

{Click Photos To Enlarge}

Let's Start with the Box Lid and Base:

See Photos for Cut and Score Lines

To finish off the Box simply Tie off with Coordinating Ribbon and a Stamped Tag

For the Cards You'll Need:

Let me tell you a little Secret my sweet friends!! 

This ADORABLE stamp set is in the Clearance and Retired Stamp Section of the Sweet Stamp Shop Right now!! So once this darling set is gone, it's gone!!

4 Card Bases & 4 Envelopes
4 Matts cut slightly smaller than card base
4 Coordinating Papers from Box Lid cut to size
4 Scraps from Box Lid Cut to size with Stamped Images (Scootin by)
4 Banner Tags cut from Scraps of Box Base (turned over to use Kraft Side) stamped with your     Sentiments (Scootin By)
8 pieces of Coordinating Scraps of Ribbon (I Matched mine to the Card Matt)
A Stapler

On the inside of the Card I used 2 pieces of White Cardstock (Cut into 4 Pieces) for the writing and to coordinate it with the Cards, I simply stamped the image onto a piece of scrap first, and then onto my card so that it was super light and not to distracting.

Here are a few ideas for totally FREE {Or very close to} PAPER sources:
  • Always Throw away that phone book you get each year? Snag a few pages out of it before throwing it in the Recycling Bin! HELLO! Free Paper! 
  • Wrapping Paper - Save that Super Cute Wrapping Paper to re-use! 
  • Don't get Plastic at the Grocery Store! Get Paper! Better for your Stash & the Environment!
  • Magazines, Newspapers, Old Books, Tissue Paper, Crepe Paper, 
  • Clean out your Shredder! Ummm super cute Gift Box Lining!
  • Product Packaging! They make their packaging SUPER CUTE! Use em!
  • Wallpaper and Vinyl Samples and Sample Books are GREAT sources for free Paper! When I was little, my Momma and I used these to make over my Doll House! 
  • Paint Chip Cards! These are FAB sources for Bookmarks & Hombre Projects! 
  • Maps <------- My FAVORITE right now!!

Stop by My Blog Today to check out more Fabulously Frugal Finds! 


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  1. Super cute and practical gift set! Really love that scooter image..so adorable

    1. Thanks Karen! Isn't it sweet! There is so much more I can do with this set. I can't wait to do paper piecing with it!!



  2. Thanks for the easy instructions on making a box this size!

  3. LOVE the card set! I get free paper by salvaging ripped gift bags. I use gift bags again and again and again, my family tends to pass around the same 4 gift bags, lol. But when one gets ripped I will cut apart the bag and save the bits that aren't torn or smashed. Ta da, free patterned paper!

    1. Ohhh love it Alyssa!! Lol we pass around our bags too! Mil wraps hers with beautiful Grosgrain ribbon! I feel like I just had a huge haul after Christmas!!

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  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. many thanks for your ideas of cards...what should we keep in mind is that it is very practical... so easy - busy :P... thanks again!

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial and the suggestions. The Card gift set is cute and a good idea! http://pinterest.com/pin/415386765601510664/