Jun 25, 2013

Neon Products We LOVE!

BONUS post today! 

We just have so many awesome things to share with you - we need more days in the week! (so instead we'll just have a bonus post!) 

It's no secret that I'm kinda LOVIN' all things NEON these days. It's a fad that I wasn't too sure about in the beginning - then, my 80's childhood memories came creepin' up and BAM - I'm in love with all things NEON!

I've gotten lots of questions wondering where I've found some of my favorite neon products (and you know I'm a bit of cheap skate - so lots of these things were on clearance!) 

So, I thought I'd share what some of my favorite neon products are and where you can find them! (hopefully for a DEAL!) 

I've been using my hero arts neon ink for ages now (at least 8 months) and I love this ink! But, after using these ink pads for a while I can firmly reccomend that you do not need the full pad - you can buy this instead and save yourself $$. 

We also love our brand new enamel dots from Freckled Fawn - You can find those here (no deal on these - but, I'm thinking that these little babies are worth it!) 

The Colored Pencils and Oil Pastels - I've share with you before - you can find other blog posts (with videos) using those products HERE.

I'm a big COPIC fan! I especially love their florescent colors. They really are BRIGHT and very NEON! I know it's a bit of a $$ commitment - but, they're the best neon markers on the market. For serious! You can find these HERE.

I found that little set of acrylic paints at Michaels for .99 on clearance. BUT, I would have bought these new neon colors from Michaels house brand HERE. I think they're .50 each or so. (I just didn't need all that paint) 

Annette Allen and her new button embellishment biz (Clever Creations) - came out with super bright buttons - I especially like the pink and purple. You can find those HERE

So, you're wanting to see all this neon goodness in ACTION - aren't you!?! 

You know I have made LOTS of fun BRIGHT cards.... ready... Neon card round up!

We have a bit of a wish list - for a couple more neon products.... maybe some embossing powders - and some neon gems (we don't even know if these exist) - really we're open to anything neon! 

What's on your neon list?! We'd LOVE to hear! 

Have a BRIGHT rest of your day and come back here tomorrow for the new 'Use What You Have' challenge! 


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  1. thanks for the shout out.. I love all your fun neon and these fabulous cards..