Jun 7, 2013

For the Love of NEON

It's no secret - we LOVE anything NEON.

Eh, we're pretty happy to admit that it's probably from being a child of the 80's (and early 90's) that we find anything neon just so. darn. fun!

 I have shared some of my favorite neon products before but, we have some new pastels in the sweet 'house' that I think are worth sharing too!

You've seen these colored pencils, right?

The brand is 'Kol-I-Noor' and they run about $4.00 for the 6 pack. They are bright and pretty NEON. (some colors are more neon than others - but, it's worth buying for the 4 BRIGHT neon colors)

Today I'm also showing you the Niji Oil Pastel pack that I just picked up. I believe they ran about $3.75 for the 6 pack and I can tell you that each of these are as NEON as you can get. A really great bang for your buck! AND, lucky enough, the colored pencils match these oils perfectly! (the colors that are the same in both packs - they have some differing colors that don't match - but, again - worth it for the 4 (or 5) that do match!)

 I made this really great background using the chevron in the 'Kiss Me' set. I finished off the card with the banner from 'Chalkboard Sign' and the sentiment from 'Eye Love'

I made a quick video showing you how easy using oil pastels can be! Don't let art supplies intimidate you - it's ok if you've never taken a single formal art class in your life - not sure what something is?! GOOGLE it! Don't let snooty retail artsy people at your favorite art store intimidate you from buying something that you think you'd love to try!

I have taken my fair share of professional classes - and those people behind the counter at my favorite local art store intimidate me! (somehow I always feel like I'm not 'artsy' enough or something --- then I remind myself - NICOLE, you actually make a living off your art - which is more than most can say! lol --- yep, that's my art store pep talk .... make sure to give yourself one and - print out your coupons - and go buy! (at least these $3 oil pastels ... you'll LOVE them!)

 Thanks for dropping in today and watching the video! We LOVE making videos and it's our (half year) resolution to start making them more often!

Happy Stamping!
Happy Friday!

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  1. awesome video!! LOVE the neon (woo-hoo for 80's kids!! lol)! and the neon paired with those black chevron stripes and sentiment...swoon!! SO fun!!!
    and so excited for more videos to come! videos are amazing and super inspiring! (to me at least!)

  2. awesome video...LOVE your NEON goodness:)