May 6, 2013

Sweet Return AND Michele Duffy!

We're so happy to finally be back home! If you haven't stopped by lately you might not know that the sweet shop took a bit of a vacation this last week. We had the most lovely 9 days south of Cancun on the Caribbean. It was lovely. We're big believers in vacations around this house - we try to take at least one a year - and it's so worth it. You recharge - chat - give lots of hugs and it seems like we're just more 'ourselves' when were relaxed on vacation - dontcha think?

Anyway, tomorrow I'll post pictures and show off my beautiful tan - which hasn't made it's debut here yet b/c it's been raining ever since we landed. (yep, it's raining here in San Diego - lol)

We're so happy to have Michele as our designer today. She's just such an amazing lady - I was just reading up on her and discovered that she's a chemical engineer (and coincidentally - so is my big brother) - so I know how genius she is not only with paper - but, with smartie smart stuff too! lol

Before we go any further I would LOVE if you went over to her blog and said hello! She has some bonus projects that are going to knock your socks off. For serious.

Michele's Blog Here

Michele worked with the 'Drops Background' stamp set (that is almost sold out you guys are loving it so much! --- eeekk!! I'm so happy that you love it as much as I do!)

Isn't she so great with layouts?!

I love how she made the dots in different colors (I do believe that she colored the stamp with markers then stamped it - but, you'll have to check in with her to find out for sure her secrets!) 

 We're so glad to be back and to show off some creative amazingness from Michele!

Come back tomorrow for another spotlight and the first peek of our May release!

Happy Stamping!

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