May 5, 2013

A city kind of birthday!

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Age is really just a number - isn't it! As you get older you realize how true that is and as I've entered my late twenties (yep, I'm still in my twenties and I'm going to rock it and tell people as much as humanly possible so I don't look back and think DARN - you should have shouted your age more! lol) no really, seriously - as I've come more 'into' my own - and opened myself to new ideas - friends - experiences ... you learn even more that age really just is a number.

Case and point - one of my friends (actually my husbands GOOD friends wife - catch that?!) lol -- is turning the big 40 and her party is today. I was actually quite surprised to hear that she was turning 40 .... I almost didn't believe it. Not only does she look amazing (probably 25 - serious) but, she's just so young at heart. Not immature - just youthful. (well maybe just a hint immature - but, the good immature - the kind that keeps you young!)  She's just so willing to laugh - take risks - dance - and most importantly, not take herself too seriously. She's got two little girls and a super husband - and we're just lucky to call them friends. See - age - just a number!

Happy Birthday Carrie! I don't know if we'll make the party (we're currently on our way home from our big vaca) BUT - we're thinking of you and wishing we could help you put out the fire on your cake (ok lol - I had to have ONE small dig on your age, right?!)

Here is the card I made for you - and YES you will get it (I'm kinda notorious for not giving away the cards I make lol)

I watercolored the background so it would look like dusk - and I used gold as the accent color. I also layered the buildings so it would look more like a 3d cityscape. I actually really like how it turned out. (side note: I made the buildings in the back more of a 'grey' tone so it added to the depth - I noticed in the picture it just kinda looks like I didn't stamp them right - but, it was intentional - promise! lol)

Ok - so we'll see you back here on Monday for a full report on the SWEET vacation and more sweet spotlights!

Happy Weekend!
Happy Stamping!

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  1. Love Amy's weird chevron black and white it is awesome nice and clean