Apr 12, 2012

Who's That?

Thursday already!! 


Oh, my favorite song just came on 
my pandora station!! 

Cold Play - Paradise 

Ok, I turned it up and I'm ready to rock out 
as write this post and inspire all of you 
with some pretty cute designs!! 

Jamie made a fun card using Melvin
from the Melvin and Vernie set. 

Love that set and I love this card! 
Here's a peek! I want you to head over 
to Jamie's blog and say hi to see the rest! 

It's totally worth it!! 

Head on over to Jamie's Blog HERE

This was one of the first sets for SSS and 
it's still one of my favorites! 
I think I've colored Melvin 1000 times! 

You can check it out at the shop

Also, I wanted to give you some 
eye candy using the *new* 'Old Fashioned Afternoon' 
set... If you haven't grabbed this set... it's 
a MUST... seriously... I grab for it all. the. time!

Especially if you like vintage... 

Just lots of fun ways to use this set!

Head on over to the shop to 
peek a bit more at this set!

Can't wait to see you all back here 
tomorrow! I have some fun things 
to put on the blog!! 

Happy (almost) Friday! 

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1 comment:

  1. I love your stamps! Cute cards too!:)

    ~Vanessa W