Apr 11, 2012

Distressed :)

Hey Peps! 

Boy, it's one of those times for me... you 
know, those times where your 'to do' list somehow
got out. of. control. 

Yep, I'm there. 

But, I'm slowly working through the list 
and I'm so thankful to have such a great group 
of women around me... willing to be flexible and 
helping me with my craziness. (thank you ladies!) 

So, here are some cards and fun stuff I've been 
meaning to show you for a couple days... 

Let's start with dear Stephanie!! 

Check out her CUTE card


Must go check out her blog post on this 
little gem! 

I can't wait to show you this card 
that Laurel made and she used the ever popular
distress markers!! 

And the cake topper is... 
She made a VIDEO!! 

I always LOVE Laurel's video's because they are so 
informative and she always inspires me to try something NEW! 

Be sure to drop by Laurel's blog and say hello! 

Those distress markers are so COOL... 
Oh, man... more markers is kinda the last 
thing I need...lol... but, an exception might be in order 
now that Laurel has shown me the ropes! 

I'm off to scratch another thing off my list... 
I hope that everyone is having a great week! 

Jacob (the other half of the 'sweet and 
the over worked tax accountant) wanted 
to remind all of you that tax day is the 17th :) 
He's practically sleeping at the office this week... 
so, if you need tax advise... you can always ask Jacob! 
Or call me and I can ask him for you! 

Big Hugs! 

See you tomorrow! 

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