Apr 13, 2012

NEW stuff!! Extra Sweetness!

Happy Friday Lovelies! 

Can you believe it's friday? 

Hooray Hooray Hooray! 

I have a FULL blog post for you today... 
We've adding some new stuff to the shop 
we're excited to show you AND we have 
some cool inspiration... starting with a card 
from one of my favorite designers... Laura!!

Check out the card that she made using 
'It's a Man's World' 

What a GREAT graduation card!! She really used 
all the different pieces of the set! LOVE that! And, 
I love that she made the tie red. Just pops right out! 

Head over to Laura's blog to say hello and see 
more awesome stuff! 


Recently I got my little hands on some new 
Cosmo Cricket paper packs. I LOVE that paper 
company... and I'm pretty much a fan of everything 
that they come up with. 

You know one of my favorite pieces that come with 
the paper pack is this top piece... 

Yep, I LOVE that packaging piece! It's perfect for 
paper piecing! PERFECT!! 

Don't throw that top piece away... get out your 
punches and stamps and start using it up! 

Check out the cool card I made with just this 
top sheet of paper!

Of course I broke out the little Gnome boy and girl! 
So darn cute with this paper pack! 

Anyway! I always look at my packaging from 
what I buy to see if I can use it... and pretty often 
I can!! 

You can check out the IN STOCK 'Gnomies' 


We've added a couple new things to the 
shop (with lots more to come soon!)... 

We wanted to add some things to the shop 
that might be hard to find around 'town' ... so 
here are some fun little add-ons to your next order! 

A2 Card Covers

Let's say you had a pretty card that you 
wanted to cover so that it protected it...

You would simply grab one of these A2 
card covers... wrap it around the front of your 
card... and...

It's protected! ... AND, it looks pretty 
'store bought' too... don't-cha think?

You've probably seen these at your 
local stationary store - like Hallmark - 
covering specialty card... it's exactly that! 

You get 12 to a pack for $2.95... I'd 
say that's a DEAL! 

Check em out at the shop

The next cool thing we added to 
the shop was an A2 Clear Card Box...

These are great for giving away a set
of your cards... or to decorate for something 
other than a card... or... really, the possibilities 
are endless...

I'm showing it to you with some cards
in it and some envelopes... as a traditional 
card holder... 

But certainly, you could do a lot more 
with these clear boxes

Flat (how they will arrive to you) 

Folded into a box! 

These arrive to you 3 in a pack for $3.95! 

Check them out at the shop 


Just for reference and A2 card size
 is 4.25x5.5 so both of these products 
are made for that standard size. BUT, you 
could customize the clear box to fit your needs... 
meaning you could put smaller cards, tags, 
etc. into the clear box. 

---We'd love to hear what you think of 
the new additions to the shop!! Are these 
the kinds of extra's you hoped to see? What 
else might you like? 

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! 
Happy Crafting! 

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  1. Great additions to the store! And I love the gnome card! I also love that packaging piece. The ones where they come in a bag and have the long slivers that show what the papers look like are perfect for banners too. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the gnomies set, it was my first one. The ties and bows in the "It's a Mans World Set" is perfect for Father's Day!

  3. Ooh, love the clear box to hold a set of cards. Making a set that goes together sounds like a good project for me to try actually...

  4. I love the cards today! Fun additions to the store too. I would love to see some action wobbles also :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  5. love the card covers - can display and be held without getting messed up - and the card boxes - perfect for gifts..

  6. beautiful cards! love the a2 clear box. I actually made one for my self last night using a pvc book binding.

    sisterscraftcafe at gmail dot com