Nov 15, 2011

Sweet Alpha Doodles!

Hello All! 

Just a quick little post 
for you today! 

Have you had a chance to 
check out our 'Sweet Alpha 
Doodles' set... it's my handwriting
and lots of great 'extras'!! 

It's quirky and whimsical and 
just really fun to play with! 

Check out the card Geny 
made with it!

What an easy and fun birthday card! 
You could use this idea for any 
age! And I bet you could make 
a set of cards that could be customizable 
for a gift. You know, leave the number space
blank and give them a bunch of 
loose numbers to make the birthday cards
that they want to. 

Yeah, that's actually a brilliant idea. 
I just might try it! 

I'm off to make a couple videos today... 
it's been *way* too long. Period. 

Happy Crafting! 

Also, don't forget for a limited time 
'Watchin TV' is only $10! Use coupon 
 code: WT10


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  1. Ooh love this fun set, soooo cute with the little frames!

  2. OHHH! This is so fun! I love the way she used the numbers! PERFECT for a birthday card--for ANYONE:) LOVE!