Oct 25, 2011

Big Hugs to Alison and some Birthday Love!

This last month we've been lucky to have 

as our guest designer... she's done such a great job for us. 

We loved all her creations and her unique way of 

Today is no exception! 

Alison used the 'Sweet Tooth' set

And she put together this card!

I love the bright colors and how she cut out the 
gumballs on the fan.... not to mention.. that fan is amazing! 

Thank you so much Alison! 

We *loved* having you and getting to know 
your cheery personality! We hope your not a 
stranger around the 'Sweet' shop! 

Stop by Alison's blog and give her some love for 
being our guest designer! 

Next I would like to take a small
teeny tiny moment to wish 
my most cherished and bestest friend 
a very Happy Birthday! 

Here is Melanie and I out with our husbands! 

My best friend... and I don't 
use that title lightly!... 
Is such a special lady... she's 
30 this year! 
AND she's a new 
'first time' Mommy! 

So I couldn't give her just *anything* 

First, it had to be hand made... b/c I'm 
notorious for making amazing things 
that I never give away... you all 
know how that goes! 

And the wrapping had to be spot on! 

So here's a look at the box... 

I used the 'Scootin By' set

Check out this box!

Here is a close up of the decorations... 
Yep, there is felt and paper flowers in there! 

You're probably wondering what's inside... 
well, I was hoping to save that for another 
post and include a little 'how to' ... with 
some stamps! But, I thought I'd at least 
let you peek at one of them... 

I will be blogging about this and sharing 
with you my tips... 

I have made several at this point and I 
can tell you I have the tricks to cut your 
making time down from several hours 
to 30-45 minutes!


Stay Tuned! 

Ok, I think I've blogged enough for one day... 

Hope everyone has a great day and 
a some really good crafting time! 

I'm off to Yoga this morning with the 
birthday girl! (we're trying to be healthy 
after our disastrous trip to Chevy's diner
last night... let's just say... *everything* was 
fried... yummy-ness!) 

Big Hugs, 

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  1. Amazing gift!!!!Love the tag i am sure your friend loved it!!!!

  2. I have enjoyed Alison joining in the fun with the SSS team! I just love your tag for your friend! LOOOOOOVE the feathers--and I LOVE that you are blessing your friend with a handmade tag/gift/etc.! I'm sure she will LOVE IT!