Oct 26, 2011

Melvin's ready for Thanksgiving!

Hey all! 

Just a quick post today sharing with you 
Geny's post (from Saturday... oops! Can we
pretend for a moment that it's Saturday? 
I know you all won't mind, right!) 

Geny broke out the Thanksgiving Owl-fits 
set for today's inspiration. 

Ready to see Geny's creation!?

I *love* that background! What a way to make fall
BRIGHT and festive!! I'm feeling inspired to take out 
that set and give it a good ol' fashioned inking!! 

Make sure to visit GENY at her blog and say hi! 

Also, take a moment to visit facebook today... 
We're teaming up with a new kit club in the new year... 
you'll wanna hear all about that and the *new* kit club 
has a fabulous give-a-way you'll wanna be apart of! 

Big Hugs, 
Happy Crafting! 


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