Sep 3, 2011

Happy LONG Weekend!

Happy LONG Weekend!!! 

There is nothing I like more than a Sunday 
where you know you have Monday off! Yippee!

I thought I'd drop in with a few clean and simple cards... 


In honor of this sale-driven, shopping loving, sweet weekend... 

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Check out the clean and simple cards I created...

This one I used 'Cool Scoop'! 

Then I whipped up this little get well card... for someone special! 

I used 'Sweet Tooth' for that one... of course!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a sweet weekend 
and an even sweeter Monday off! 

Now it's time for you to shop your socks off!

Coupon Code: FREESHIP

Check out Facebook and Flickr 
... and even our SCS gallery... 
for pretty amazing inspiration! 

Big (weekend) Hugs! 

Jacob and Nicole

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  1. SOOOOO cute! I wish I had thought of that first card---super duper cute!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE:)

    As for the second card--adorable! I was going to do a "sick" tooth too!! Yours turned out FAB! LOVE!

  2. gosh, why did i never think to use the ice cream without the cone!? it really is completely ADORABLE. i am OBSESSED with clean white cards - so I totally love both of these! :)