Sep 4, 2011

Happy Holiday Monday!

Sweet Holiday! 

I hope that where ever you are today... you got to sleep in and that your still wearing your pj's even if the clock reads 11am! 

Those are the holidays I love! 

I just have a quick post for you today showcasing one of our best selling sets... 

Old School Rock

Check out Savannah's card and gift card holder... 
It's just so darn clever

Check it out in more detail at Savannah's BLOG

Ok, I promised a short post... so I'll just end in reminding you that we're offering 


Use the coupon code FREESHIP to get free shipping (u.s. and canada only) through tuesday (that's right.... we're keeping this holiday spirit alive an extra day!) 

Sweet Holiday Hugs, 
Jacob and Nicole

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  1. Thud. That was the sound of my jaw hitting the desk. That project seriously rocks! (no pun intended)

  2. Saw this on Savannah's blog--it's truly amazing! Savannah rocks!

  3. Thanks for featuring my card--I just love my SSS images:) And I enjoyed making this project!!!