Sep 2, 2011

Friday Friday... Scootin' into the weekend!

Whew, we made it!
Yep, we survived through the week and here we are... 
staring straight into a THREE day weekend. 
Ahhhh, there's nothing quite like it! 

We have two quick (and pretty cute) cards to share with you today... 

Both are from our *very* sweet -- Sweet Tooth Girl Leigh Ann

Take a minute to look at her blog and her amazingness... and say hi! 

This week she used the 'Scootin By' set 

Find it at the shop: HERE

Check out her BLACK card

I really like the layout design and the fact that she stamped the image 
in white on black paper. 

Also, Leigh Ann posted *the* sweetest card on her blog this week... and I wanted to be sure you all got to see it... 

Check out what she did with 'The 'Core' of it' stamp set... 

Wowie! I love! 

I'm having a bit of a card class here in San Diego in September and I'm using the 'Core of it' stamp set... check out the cards I made for it... 
I'm thinkin they would be great for all the teachers in our lives! 

Anyway..l just LOVE this set... and I think I just don't show it enough love on the blog... It's one of *the* best stamp sets we have (so far :) 

Check it out: HERE


TODAY is *the* last day to use the coupon code 
HBN27 for 27% off your TOTAL purchase! 

Sets are goin' fast .... get em' while we have em' !!! 

Hope everyone has a fast friday! 

We'll be back over the weekend with a 
sweet three day weekend update! 

Until then! 

Sweet Travels!
Jacob and Nicole
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  1. Leigh Ann's cards are both awesome! Love the white on black cute!

    Nicole, your cards for the September class are wonderful...I especially love that big green aplle surrounded by tiny dots...LOVE it!

  2. Great cards, Leigh Ann! I LOVE the white on black--so cool!

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that scooter on the black cardstock--love the buttons and the bold colors! LOVE:) Great job, Leigh Ann!!