Aug 6, 2013

Sweet Tooth Tuesdays - Metallic Foils

Danielle Pandeline here did you miss me?  I was off the hook last Tuesday and I know you are dying to see the latest video I have up my CRAFTY sleeve. Well, I am digging up an old technique that might have be lost and forgotten in the stamping world. FOILS! Yes, I said Foil.  I was just reintroduced of the technique and went digging through my stash and found my Foil Kit.  With the trend of the color Gold coming back in full force this technique is perfect and EASY to ad a bit of Gold or other metallic color to your project.

Let's Recap!
 You will need the following..
- Zig 2 Way Glue / Tombo Mono Multi / Quickie Glue (just one of these)
- Foil Sheets in any color
- Sweet Stamp Shop Stamps
- Project

Start by stamping your stamp where ever you want it.
Trace the image with your choice of the glue I mentioned.
Let the glue dry. It should be tacky to the touch, and DRY.
Lay your foil over the area and press around the raised glue with your finger.
Pull up the foil.
You now have a beautiful shiny metallic image.
If you see any missed spots that the foil didn't stick to, just place the foil down and rub again. You can do this to any missing spots.

Isn't this just a FUN, Old School Technique.  I know I totally forgot about, but now I am having a blast adding Metallic touches to all my projects.

Let me know what you think is the best image to Foil in the comments below!

Happy Stamping!
Danielle P.

Just a few Sweet Reminders!

The Use What You Have Challenge is still going on, this is a perfect time to show us this Old School technique you just learned. 

If you have missed the past Sweet Tooth Tuesday Videos you can find them all here at the Sweet Stamp Shop YouTube Channel.  There are a lot of good tutorials in there to pass along to your friends.

The New August Release is coming SOON! I know you will be Gobbling up the new stamps! Pin It


  1. AWESOME technique!!!! and it's so cool!!! i totally did forget about foil!! ha ha!! what an awesome way to add bling! thanks for the video!

  2. I'll have to give this technique a try.
    Gobble gobble do I smell turkey?

  3. Interesting technique! I'll have to look for some foil next craft store trip! Love the card!!