May 29, 2013

Use What You Have Challenge #3


Submissions due by June 1st
Three Month Term
Term Starts end of June

Another week has come and gone and we're jumping for joy that we had even MORE entries this week for the 'Use What You Have Challenge' -

 We had TEN beautiful cards entered into the last challenge and we couldn't be happier with the *growing* response to our little challenge. It's just fun, right?!

So, we had to pick just one card to win for the best use of old supplies .... and the winner is....

I love everything about this card - mostly the beautiful bling frame in the back. I bet you were 'saving it' for something special - and then you realize, heck I better use it OR I never will! Good for you! Hooray for using stuff from our old stash!

We also pulled one random person from all the entries - and the winner is

Indy and Tracy - email us at with your address so we can send you a little something sweet!

For all of the other participants - if you'd like - we have a 40% off coupon code that I'd be happy to share with you as a BIG thanks for participating!! Email us for the details!


Ready for week #3?! 

Here is a reminder of the rules.... 

You'll have until next tuesday to add your link below - to your blog post showing off your 'stash' and then a card using your stash!

1. You do not *have to* use SSS in your card or project - although, we'd love it! (and we can't feature your project in our marketing without you using SWEET! - so keep that in mind!)

2. You have until Tuesday at 10pm pst to add your link below

3. There will be ONE winner based upon most creative use of 'old stuff' .... and ONE winner drawn from all the participants. Winners will be announced the day of the new challenge - so, in this case... next Wednesday. Prize will be something sweet - lol.

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Create whatever strikes your fancy - scrapbook page, project life - cards - altered art - home decor.... anything! Just be sure to use that old stuff in it!

(also, we had a question about multiple entries - YES, you can make as many cards as you like! BUT, it doesn't increase your odds of winning - your name will go into the hat 'once')

Here is my stash that you're getting quite familiar with...

I picked out three different 'round' type stickers.... with great plans to make more than one card. But, so far, I've only had time to make one card and use *one* of the above stickers. Don't fret - I didn't put the other stickers back... I'm using them this week!

But - until then - here is my card for this week!

It's kinda hodge podg-y ... but, I like how I cut the circle sticker to make more of a border on the side... I like when I think out of the box (it's pretty rare) - lol

I used 'City Scape' - I'm using that stamp set ALL THE TIME! I think it's because it works for so many different occasions!

City Scape
Happy Stamping! Can't wait to see what you'll drag out of your old stash!

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  1. wow wee that card is so cool.. i spy a cool button.. hehe.. love all the added sequins.. and congrats to the winner..that card is awesome..

  2. Congrats, winners! Tracy's card is so adorable. Nicole, seeing what you are making with your old stickers makes me wish I hadn't given most of them to my 3-yr old... Your card is fabulous.

  3. Thanks for such a fun challenge! I enjoyed pulling out some of my older stash! Thanks also for selecting me randomly! How fun!!

  4. Hope to be able to play along next week :)