Feb 5, 2012

Super Bowl Last Day Give-A-WAY

Whew, it's Super Bowl already?!?!

I love football. 
I love *my* football teams. 

Neither of my teams are playing today. 
So, I don't much care. lol. It's true.

BUT, I will be crafting and bowling today!
What might you be up to? 

I hope your entering to win our last 
give-a-way... and it's a good one! 

Here is yesterday's winner!

Blogger Michelle said...

I definitely like the one stop shop idea. It really helps when it comes to shipping if I can order a lot from one place.

Congrats Michelle! 

Email us with your 
shipping info and we'll get
you loot right out to you!


Now for today's big give-a-way 
and a bit of inspiration from 
Emily Lanham and me! 

Emily thought it would be fun 
to post a card or two using the 
'Sports Fever' set for Super Bowl.

AND, I thought that was sheer genius!

So, without any more chatting... 

Emily's really cute card:

And mine... (not as cute) 

We both used this set

AND when you enter today for 
the give-a-way we're going to 
add in this set!!! Yeppo! You're 
going to get a full set along side


The new Creating Keepsakes Mag
Nicole's decorated Mystik (not 
as nicely decorated as Jacob's but I was 
chatting when I was creating... shocker!) 
AND some Sweet stamps

INCLUDING 'Sports Fever' 

So, here's how to enter...

Comment below with an 
answer to these questions...

Do you ever buy kits? Why.. why not? 
What kind of stuff do you like to see in kits? 
If the kit included a full stamp set...
What is the price range your comfortable with? 
What would you like to see in kits to make 
them *more* valuable and attractive? 


If you share our 4-day blog 
give-a-way with your friends on 
a social networking site (like perhaps
one that rhymes with lacehook or glitter) 
and let us know you did ... you get 
and extra entry! 

Each day we'll pull a name... so 
you have until tomorrow morning to 
enter and share for this! 

Come back tomorrow to see 
who won this loot ... and enter 
in for tomorrows loot! 

Find us on 
Facebook-- and 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! 
Happy Crafting!


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What a great stamp set - and I am with you ... don't really care about the teams in this Super Bowl! ;) I don't typically buy kits, though I used to when I was newer to paper crafting.

  3. I don't usually buy kits, but I will purchase one every once and awhile if the price is really good. I love it when they include stamps - I find ribbon, buttons etc less useful, as I have lots of those things in my stash already. The price totally depends on what's in the kit, which I know isn't all that helpful :) I've shared on twitter. I hope you have a great day! river26[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. I typically do not but sometimes I do buy kits if they can catch my eye, which actually doesn't take much to do! I generally like to see a variety of things in kits that are somewhat different but still make sense together. I do enjoy stamps a lot so if the kit included the stamps that would definitely be exciting. Typically the price would have to be not too expensive but if its worth it I'd definitely spend the money. I go for things that I have an interest in. I REALLY love this stamp set. I am a HUGE football fan and watch football all day on Sundays. This stamp set is beyond awesome!
    I shared this giveaway on my facebook :) Good luck all!

    Normally a Packer fan but rooting for the Patriots today!!

  5. I haven't bought kits before. A stamp set included in the kit may change my mind - particularly if I like the paper/embellishments too.

  6. LOL..rhymes with lacehook! That made me laugh out loud.

    I LOVE a stamp set with a kit for sure.

  7. I have not yet used any kit because of the international shipping. Thou I would like to use them...makes things easier:)

  8. I haven't bought kits in awhile but I have seen a few lately that have tempted me. Thanks for the chance for the giveaway.

  9. Yes, I've purchased 2-kits in the past. Reason: I like the stamps that came with the kit. The kits included stamps, cardstock, envelopes, etc.; basically everything you need to create a set of cards. Price range??? Would depend on what the kit contains. Sorry, not much help from this end. ;o)

  10. I am so hit or miss with stamping lately and pretty much gave up scrapping a couple years ago (cards only now) that I haven't bought kits in quite a while. I live fairly near a major scrapbook paper manufacturer, and sometimes they do awesome warehouse sales where they sell old kits, so I will occasionally pick one up there, which is nice because I can be more selective. They don't include stamps though. Gotta have my stamps! I don't think my husband would go for more than 30 including shipping a month if I bought kits, so I would have to say that would be my max comfortable price.

  11. What a great card! I love football when it is my team playing! LOL
    I love the Close to my Heart Workshop on the Go kits, they include all the paper, stamp set and one additional embellishment kit and I pay about $30. I like having my paper all match and not worry about that.

  12. Cute card! I don't usually buy kits because I would rather pick everything out myself and pick the things I like.

  13. Great card, I love the lace up on it. I dont by kits, I usually buy stuff that catches my eye.

  14. a stamp set is what would push me to buy a kit actually. for me, it provides the real starting point for 'seeing' the kit's possibilities. thanks for asking...i'm excited at the possibility! love that sports set too by the way :)

  15. Now Nicole, Don't be so hard on yourself! I think your card is every bit as cute as Emily's!

    I do buy kits and I would love it if SSS started having kits with full sets of stamps in them. I think that $25-$30 is a good price for a kit. I like it better when the kit is not a monthly obligation since we all have months that our budgets are a little tighter than others and we have to make sacrifices ;( Now naturally since I'm a paper hoarder (lol) I'm more attracted pretty paper but cute buttons are always a good draw for me too.

    Enjoy your sports/crafty day!

  16. I normally don't buy kits due to the price range. I'm on a tight budget most of the time. If the price is right and it has other things in it like a stamp set and other things that make it more reasonable I would more likely consider it.
    Amy Jones

  17. I have bought one kit, I really loved it and was able to use everything in it. I don't like having to be in a monthly program though, I won't do that.

  18. I don't typically purchase kits--however if they included a stamp kit I would definitely consider it as I typically would buy the stamps anyway :) SO might as well buy the kit!

  19. What a fun sports set!
    I haven't bought a kit in several years. Very tight budgeting is my primary reason, plus I simply like choosing my own personal elements. ;)


  20. I do not buy kits because I like to pick out my own stuff. I think it makes it a little more fun..

  21. what great cards!
    I buy kits every once in a while, but only if they have buttons and ribbons and flowers included. :)

  22. Watching the game, and commercials now. I haven't quite made my mind up about kits. I don't ever seem to use them the way they were intended...if they are to make canned layouts/cards. I guess I find them a bit stifling, and get them more because I like the products and then just add them to my regular supplies to use.

  23. The kits I buy are collections of specific brands that include paper, embellishments, sometimes stamps, etc. And I buy them because they are at discounted prices (usually older products). I haven't yet bought a kit that includes several manufacturers, but if the price was right I'd get one.

  24. SUPER SUPER fun cards--LOVE your spin with these stamps! I WISH I would have thought of this! LOVE:)

  25. Aww can't believe I missed the give-away. Well luv this set and great job on the cards ladies. Sorry your team didn't make it hun, but I have to give a huge congrats to the NY Giants (Yes, I'am a New Yorker:))