Feb 4, 2012

Saturday Give-A-Way! Hooray!

Ok, so let's get right into it... 

Wanna hear who won this loot of 
markers and stamps??? 

The winner is (by random.org)

Blogger Deirdre said...

It would be clear, because you can see where you are positioning it! Makes it easier!

Off to share on FB. Thanks for the chance to win.
February 3, 2012 8:29 AM

Yippee Deirdre! Email us your info 
at info@sweetstampshop.com! We'll send 
out the prizes on Monday! 

Ready to see today's give-a-way??
Jacob had a little something to do with 

See there is Jacob in the 3m booth 
with Ashley from the Scrap Review
showing off his decorated *new* Scrapbook 
Adhesives -MyStik- runner! 

Check it out HERE

So here is the loot for today

Crafts 'n Things Mag
New (of course never used!) Mystik
AND some SWEET! 

To win comment below with 
the answer to these questions:

Are you a one stop shopper? Meaning:
would you like to see more stuff of the 
'Sweet' website (like inks and buttons and 
glitter...) or do you like that it's *just* our line
of stamps. Do you already have a place that 
you buy your other supplies and wouldn't likely 
change it??


If you share our 4-day blog 
give-a-way with your friends on 
a social networking site (like perhaps
one that rhymes with lacehook or glitter) 
and let us know you did ... you get 
and extra entry! 

Each day we'll pull a name... so 
you have until tomorrow morning to 
enter and share for this! 

Come back tomorrow to see 
who won this loot ... and enter 
in for tomorrows loot! 

Find us on 
Facebook-- and 

Ohhh, and come back 
tomorrow for another special 
Super Bowl Sunday give-a-way! 

Happy Weekend and Happy Stamping!

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  1. I love the one stop shop when it's possible, makes me spend more money though lol

  2. So thrilled to be yesterday's winner - thank you. Just shared your wonderful giveaway on FB.

  3. Oooh! I actually have been looking for inspiration magazines, that is the like the perfect prize! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    As far as your question goes, I TRY to be a one stop shopper, mostly due to the cost of shipping. I like to spread the cost out amongst as many things as possible (within a reasonable budget, of course) in order to make the shipping seem worth it!

  4. Honestly...for me it is never one stop, so as long as shipping is not ridiculous, (free is AWESOME) I don't mind just buying stamps from the source and getting other stuff elsewhere.

  5. I like to shop around. Some places carry different stuff as long as the shipping is reasonable

  6. Because of shipping I try to do one stop shopping.

  7. one stop shop. I find it easier to try to shop at one place,but it also makes me soend more at times too:)

    I have shared on fb and twitter:)

    Nicole, you need to add gumballs to your gumball machine at top of this page :)

  8. spend not soend sorry for typo

  9. Love all this fun on the blog! I like just the stamp line then I don't get distracted :)

  10. As long as shipping doesn't get upped with every little piece we add, I would love some add ons. I just hate when I try to add say a sheet of stickers and shipping goes up $1.00. Not worth it.

    Yay for more CHA goodies! Congrats Deirdre!

  11. I'm not usually a one stop shopper. I like to get stamps from the source, but a lot of other stuff you can get with coupons at a craft store or online for a pretty good price, so I'd stay stick with your strengths.

  12. I work in a scrapbook store so I get a lot/most of my supplies there (at a discount and no shipping!) but we don't carry every stamp, paper, embellie line so it's fun to check out the different sites and see the different collections available.
    I "liked" you on fb today!

  13. I love to shop everywhere...I always find lots of stuff I just love...I am so addicted to stamps...Thanks for the fun giveaway...

  14. Love the one-stop shop. I can find everything and thus I don't need to go anywhere! Hihihi.

  15. I think for you guys I'd like to see you carry inks, paper, and a few other things that work particularly well with your stamps or work for stamping techniques. I'm never quite sure the best inks to use. Most my other supplies I do get elsewhere, so just those specialty kinds of things that work w/stamps would interest me.

  16. I would love to buy at one shop....since I have to order online. International shipping matters too. Thanks for a chance to win.

  17. I already have other places I buy inks, paper, tools etc at. I don't mind that you only have your own stamps in your shop =)

  18. I definitely like the one stop shop idea. It really helps when it comes to shipping if I can order a lot from one place.

  19. I love that you guys have only your stuff, but coordinating products are always great add ins to make me spend more, like when i see a really cute stamp set and just NEED that paper you showed with it, of COURSE itll end up in my cart :] love the giveaways and so sad i didnt see you at show! [btw, are you still going to be selling the cute shirts in the shop??]

  20. Usually I shop at stores for supplies for paper-crafting, especially for things like paper and adhesives, I like the fact that I don't have to pay for shipping. If stamping is your specialty I am more likely to buy only stamps directly from you because the other stuff I would just get somewhere close by and as needed. Hope this was helpful!

  21. I suppose that I am a one stop shopper, like having more bang for my shipping buck!:0)

  22. I do try to be a one stop shopper to save on shipping so if one place has what I am looking for- I buy there. But with so many companies out- I know that is difficult so I do 1, 2, 3 stop shop and that is alright! (hee hee). This is a fun give away so thanks for the chancee to win.

  23. I usually pick up supplies from a local walk-in store, not order online. So I personally wouldn't order additional items besides your stamps.

    Thanks for another fun giveaway!
    michelegreen120 at gmail dot com

  24. I like to one stop shop when I can in order to save on shipping, but I like that the Sweet Stamp Shop is dedicated to its own stamps, and I don't have to spend a lot of time searching around to find what I'm looking for. I'd keep it the way it is, or maybe just add one of two other specialty lines. I shared as well. river26[at]gmail.com

  25. I like the line of stamps only...that way I don't get distracted by all the other stuff!

  26. HOOOOORAY for the winner! Looks like you both had a great time--I wish I was there. Drats! Next time:) <3

  27. I like my TwoPeas & local stores. I do hit specific sites like Unity & CTMH however. I currently don't have any "sweets" so these products are all new to me.

  28. I like a one stop shop! Right now I don't go to any one place.

  29. For stamps I like the ones that specialize in just their stamps so i don't get distracted by everything else...more money for stamps!! And all the other supplies i get at my local craft stores.