Dec 26, 2013

glitter me this!

Hey there!
It's Samantha here to share some super shiny, super sparkly, super FUN cards! :) And what better way to add 'all that jazz' than with some glitter?! So, folks, today it's compare this is all about adding color with GLITTER!!! Oh yeah! This is a fun one! :)

Now, there are a million ways to add glitter to your projects:

glitter glue
loose glitter
wink of stella pen
glitter embossing powder
glitter tape
glitter paper

Seriously, the list could be a mile long! For this post, I'm focusing on two different forms of loose glitter, and the ever-so-popular wink of stella pen! They all add their own amount of pizazz and WOW! :)

For this comparison I used the elegant sentiments stamp set - which is a set I reach for often!! It's so versatile! :)

i also used the happy hour stamp set - which is just ONE of the perfect complimentary stamp sets to the elegant sentiments!! :)

So let us begin!
The first type of glitter I used is the standard loose glitter - old school and cool! but wooooo is it messy!!! ha ha! I forgot how messy loose glitter can be - and I'm still finding it all over my desk, ha!! (I may or may not have forgotten to hold my loose glitter did go flying at one point! ha! eek! Am I the only one that has had that happen? sigh)

That's pretty, right? so FUN!
Ok, I used a glue pad (um, that's a fun tool - do you have one? Leave me a comment below and let me know how YOU use it!! What is your favorite sweet image to glitter? I'm so intrigued by the posibilities!!)
I also used an almost ombre technique with the glitter by sprinkling three different shades of glitter at the same time (red, orange and yellow)!

And here's the card I made with this loose glitter example! :) It's so fun!!
I must note, the only down side to using loose glitter is, once the glue pad dries, the loose glitter can still rub off. :/ Boo!

Next up is some glitter embossing powder! It's so pretty!!

This is a really fun way to add glitter because it can add a layer of color (due to the colored embossing powder color) and it adds a layer of glitter! It's a very pretty effect!
And bonus - the glitter doesn't rub off once it has cooled! :)

Here's the card I made with this example! I LOVE it! :)

Lastly, I have an example using the 'hansel he's so hot right now' hottest product out there right now - the wink of stella pen! ha ha! :) (I love the movie Zoolander - I can't help it!! It's so silly, it's hilarious!!)

all you have to do add glitter with the wink of stella is to stamp your sentiment in any color, then go over it with the brush to add your glitter! It's almost instantly dry, the glitter doesn't rub off, and it's so subtle and elegant! I think I use it on almost every project I make! :) ha!

(To check out the card I made with this example, check out my blog!)

And here is an example of all three different styles of glitter close up! :)

What is YOUR favorite way to add glitter? Leave me a comment below and I want to know all about your glitter secrets!! :) And I would love to leave your some love on your blog, back! :)

Thanks again for checking out my glittery post!!
~Samantha Pin It


  1. What a fabulous post! I tend to emboss with glitter powder...I'm definitely intrigued by the Wink of Stella, I use Twinklette pens.

  2. I have been hearing all about the wink of stella! So glad to see it in action! Love the mixing of colors on the first one so much! Great work, Samantha!