Sep 11, 2013

Use What You Have Challenge #16

It's that time again! Challenge day! Quick reminder before we jump right in.... we just had a release yesterday - We released 3 new stamp sets ... 'Easily Distracted' - 'Super Mom' and - 'Made By #2' ---

The coupon code for the new releases {and we threw in all the regular priced Halloween stamps too!} is NRS25 .... that's good for 25% off the three new sets AND the regular priced Halloween sets.... like the halloween characters.... you remember this haunted house I did - right?

 Grab up those little characters for 25% off - only until tomorrow at noon! They're HERE in the shop.


We have to apologize - the link for the last challenge closed early - oops. But, thank you to the extra ladies who just put their entries into the 'comments' section. That works too! Thank you for 'going with the flow' ---- I must have pressed the wrong date on the linkie tool.... gonna try not to do that again :)

So, here is our winner from last week - she was GENIUS in her use of old supplies and I just must insist that you go to her blog and get the 'whole story' HERE.... she used embossing plates that had been in her stash for some time, but - they had never been used - because she doesn't own the machine. ---- So, she got creative and used the plates like a stamp.... GENIUS! right?!

Congrats to Michele D. and her win this week! - Check out the card and then head to her blog for the details - it's SO COOL! Michele, email us with your address and we'll get something right out to you!

Michele D. 


Read through the directions carefully - we've changed just a couple things... (well, not really changed - just made more clear) 

You'll have until next Tuesday to add your link below - your link needs to be to the direct post not to your general blog - and it needs to include -

1. A link back to our challenge (and optional - our challenge badge - see above)

2. A picture of your stash

3. A picture of your project

Some Extra Details -

1. You do not *have to* use SSS in your card or project - although, we'd love it! (and we can't feature your project in our marketing without you using SWEET! - so keep that in mind!)

2. You have until Tuesday at 10pm pst to add your link below

3. There will be ONE winner based upon most creative use of 'old stuff' .... and ONE winner drawn from all the participants. Winners will be announced the day of the new challenge - so, in this case... next Wednesday. Prize will be something sweet - lol. REMINDER - NEW RULE - In order for us to have TWO winners we must have AT LEAST 15 entries (by 15 different people - multiple entries don't count towards the 15) in the challenge! If not, then we'll just award the one person who used their stash the best. SO, SHARE the challenge and get your friends on board! 

4. Entries limited to 3 per person. Thanks! 

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Create whatever strikes your fancy - scrapbook page, project life - cards - altered art - home decor.... anything! Just be sure to use that old stuff in it!

INTERNATIONAL participation is welcome - but, prizes will be shipped at the expense of the participant.  


Ready for another inspirational photo - sketch - and color scheme?! I think we're on a roll with fall - I'm pleased to tell you that's it's cooled down a bit from last week - so maybe my plan is working! 

This color combo and picture comes from one of my favorite color palette pickers - Design Seeds. If you have a moment you'll wanna head over and check out all the color amazingness on their website. You'll probably end up 'bookmarking' that website - SO COOL! 

REMINDER  - you can use the sketch - the photo - the colors - or all three --- OR none! It's completely up to you! 

I decided that my glitter pile has been completely neglected lately - Sigh. How I miss it - and so, I made a commitment to use it - starting with this challenge! Glitter doesn't have to be 'girly' ... it can be just the right BAM to highlight something in a masculine card too! 

This is my stash of glitter - I have it mostly color coordinated... and I really find it easier to use in these little containers. They're from Michaels... from the bead section. I wait for the 'bead storage' containers to go on 40% off sale and I run to go buy a couple. They're cheap and a great way to store LOTS of little parts/pieces. Perfect for our hobby! 

Ok, ready to see my card?! Hopefully it inspires you to get crafty - and glittery! 

BAM - I love this card! You can reach me at.... 'tired super mom' dot com! lol {I bet a lot of you can relate to that, right?!} I used the new stamp set... 

Super Mom 

So, now it's your turn! Get out those old piles of supplies and get creative! You'll surprise yourself - and you'll be so proud you USED WHAT YOU HAVE! 

Place your link below! 

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  1. Yay! Glad you liked my card, I was amazed at how nicely embossing folders ink up and stamp. Love the glittery Mom card :)

  2. Great idea to use up some glitter...I don't have a ton of glitter but I do have lots of embossing powders...hmmm, my wheels are turning!