Aug 3, 2013

Get Published- Volume Four

Hey Y'all!!!

Happy Saturday and hope all is well!!! Tenia here giving y'all the 411 on how and when to get published!!! Today I will focus on one of the biggest paper crafting magazines out there.....Paper Crafts Magazine!!!

Paper Crafts Magazine has been on the market since 2004 and is still one of the top paper crafting magazines out there!!! Paper Crafts Magazine has submission calls just about every y'all have NO excuse to not submit!!! LOL!! When you want to submit to Paper Crafts Magazine you do have to submit via online. There is a online submission system where you submit....check it out here. Do make sure that you create a new profile at the Paper Crafts Magazine site(if you do not have one already) because that is how you are able to submit to the magazine. You can go here to create a new profile if not already!!

So you want to submit to Paper Crafts Magazine? Check out this VERY informative info on their site before you submit any of your AWESOME projects!! If you ever have a problem with submitting on the Paper Crafts Magazine site do go to their Submissions Frequently Asked Questions page.....this will help clear up most problems that you are having!!

So you submitted.....what now?! Submissions close Mondays at midnight so you most likely have to wait until Thursday or Friday of that week for your "Happy E-mail". What is a Happy E-mail" you may ask? A "Happy E-mail" is when you get your work picked up for publication. Did you get that awesome "Happy E- mail"?  If you did....that is AWESOMESAUCE news and if you didn't.....give it another shot(Don't give up.....for reals though)!!! These days I love joining the Paper Crafts Magazine "Happy E- mail" parties on Facebook(that happens either on Thursday or Fridays of submission closing) so much fun and plus you can cheer on your friends and newbies that got the "Happy Mail"!!  Speaking of... there is a Paper Crafts Magazine submission call going on right now and you can check it out right here.

Did y'all know that the Sweet Stamp Shop has a Publication Incentive? Check it!!

Yep, we've got a publication incentive just for you!

It's super simple - If our stamps are used in a craft project that is published (in a physical magazine - sorry, no online magazine incentives at this time), and the name of the stamp as well as 'Sweet Stamp Shop' is mentioned - you'll get... 

$25 in Sweet bucks (can be used on anything in the sweet shop) 
Guest Designer Spot (includes free product) 

If you get the front cover of a magazine - and our images are center stage on your card - you'll get ... 

$50 cold hard cash!
$25 in Sweet Bucks (can be used on anything in the sweet shop) 
Guest Designer Spot (includes free product) 
Here is a reminder on the Fall Sweet Stamp Shop DT Call
Check out info on the call HERE.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!! :)


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