Aug 2, 2013

5 years in the making... The story of real *sweet* love.

August 2nd 2013 has come - and it's a really special day for me and the SWEET family. 5 years ago today, Mr. Sweet and I got married. 

Our love story really isn't anything movies are made of - Jacob and I met when we were 14 in a high school humanities class - he made fun of my large butt  - I called him stupid - it wasn't really 'romantic' .... actually,  the love that we built - it came slowly. We became friends in high school (yep, even after our rather 'rocky' start) and before I knew it - we were graduating and we were BEST friends. I didn't date in high school - he dated anything that had two feet and wanted to kiss him (sorry Jacob, it's true) We rushed off to college - in two different states - and talked ALL. THE. TIME. He came for a visit while I was in college - and perhaps a kiss was shared - and frankly - the rest is history. 

Our meeting wasn't anything 'special' or 'romantic' and, as I mentioned, would hardly create a 'Hollywood' buzz. 


But, our marriage - 

Our marriage is epic. 

It's completely indescribable and in the same moment - EVERYTHING I ever dreamed a marriage - a life - a love - would be. Disney couldn't set the bar as high as my 'happily ever after' .... it's true what they say, marriage changes everything. And, for me - it made me complete in the most necessary way.

You know what I didn't know - and have only come to see (and be eternally grateful for) I thought *everyone* married their best friend - the person that they wanted to spend EVERY. WAKING. MOMENT. with. I thought *everyone* spent 5 minutes in the morning hugging and loving on their spouse making silent plans for a future when jobs could be 'at home' and longing for the moment that the door pushed open in the evening and once again - big hugs, kisses, and LOVE comes with it. I thought, ALL women - wanted a man that made 'girls night' looks like a sloppy second to movie night on the couch - or in the bed - or really anywhere HE is. I thought, everyone married the person that their PROUD to stand next to - that lights up the room with a smile (and that smile - it's directed at YOU) - I thought all people married the one soul that they wouldn't want to face eternity without - that made them laugh and laugh and laugh ... and encouraged them to GROW GROW GROW. I thought that ALL marriages were like mine - or that my marriage wasn't special ... because everyone feels the way I feel about Jacob towards their husband..... 

Turns out - that's not the case. It's, surprisingly rare - and maybe not that surprising when you look at divorce rates. {I digress}
You see the special thing about me - is him. 

AND, even more special - our marriage. 

Jacob and I, we're 'that couple' and we didn't even realize it. We were so busy worrying that we fought a little too much (about cleaning - cause that's about the extent of our fights - seriously... lol) that we didn't stop. look around. and SEE that God blessed us with what people search their WHOLE life for. 

I know that most of you don't personally know me (or Jacob) - but, I can tell you without reservation - that Jacob is the best person I have EVER met. I have yet to meet ONE person who doesn't LOVE him, want to be around him, and wishes they were more like him. He's the open your door - smile - ask how you're doing - and complement your shoes - type of guy. He's the life of the party - who does an MJ impersonation that is rumored to be the best people have ever seen! - he's smart and funny - and witty - and vulnerable - he cries about as easily as he laughs ... and both are more often then he'd admit ... He's lovely, gentle, accepting, loving - he's mine. 

I did good. I did really really good. 

I know, If I do nothing else - if I fail at everything else I touch - if I die tomorrow - I made the single best choice I have ever made when 5 years ago today - I said 'I Do' .....

How many people can say, with complete sencerity that they are BETTER for having gotten married? I don't know, but - I can. Together, and married, we made it through our twenties - we lost 140lbs (collectively) - we encouraged each other to go for our dreams and achive them - Jacob, with graduating school and passing his CPA ... Myself, with starting and maintaining a creative business that is successful. We did what all of society warns about - we grew and changed AND we did it TOGETHER. We became better people - more confident in our own skin - and you know what happened?! I turned to him, as a newly confident better version of the woman he married and I said - I STILL CHOOSE YOU! If these past five years are proof of anything - they're proof that you can change almost *everything* about yourself and still LOVE, ADMIRE, and STICK WITH your spouse. I think the secret was, we really truly and completely want the other person to be *happy* and whatever road takes us there- we're all to willing to travel it - TOGETHER! We'll do wacky - we'll do crazy - we'll do logical - we'll do anything... as long as it's together. 

Some might call my husband my security blanket - {perhaps even in a not so nice meaning} - and I would say. Yep. Completely. And, I am his. 

I couldn't think of a warmer, softer, more comforting blanket to have - then his love. It's my understanding, as human and simple as it is, of how God must feel about all of his children. 

I am blessed.

So, without any more gushing I wanted to share with you the card that I made for our anniversary - and the 'layout' I did (without a stamp on it.. lol) and there is a winner in there too! 

I asked all my lovely fans to help me 'pin' some inspiration for my anniversary card and we had over 150 pins! WOW so much amazing stuff! I was so inspired .... but this caught my eye (and my heart) 

Pinned by: Samantha Mann {I'd love to give credit to the orginial source - but, couldn't find it - maybe Samantha knows}

CONGRATS Samantha - you're the winner of any set of your choice - email us and let us know what you want :) {Be sure that it's in stock - thanks!} 

So, here is the card I made - with that inspiration in mind.... 

And, I also made a scrapbook layout for the occasion (that will probably be hanging on the wall and not in a scrapbook) 

That's our top 50 from the first 5 years of marriage ---- I'm sure it's hard to read... so in no particular order... here it is....  (and it's **around** 50 depending on how you count vacations

Graduate College - Move to Bay Area - Move to San Diego - Live w/ parents for 2 years - Vacations : Greece - Turkey - Italy - Mexico x3 - Hawaii - Canada - Seattle - Vegas x 6 or 7 - San Fran - Big Sur Camping - Bay Area Camping - Napa Valley x2 - Sweet Stamp Shop - 4 Jobs for Jacob - 3 Jobs for Nicole - 3 Apartments - 4 cars - Passed CPA - Lost 140+ pounds - Football season tickets - Concerts : Adele - Ray - Steve Miller - Daniel Bedingfield - Weddings -  6 stitches - 1 less appendix - Broken Ring - Wisdom Teeth removed - Bible Study - Papa passed away - Movies - Countless Dinners - Birthdays - Cooking Classes - Comedy: Ralphie May - Weight Watchers Commercial - New Friends - 

If the first 5 years are ANY indication how AWESOME our next 5 years are going to be - Bring it on. :) 

Ok, let's just round this out by saying - I love my husband and I'm super thankful to be in a blissfully happy marriage for 5 years! Here's to many many many more! 

So you made it all the way through the ooshie - gooshie - over the top icky and it's the end.... and we have a little something for you.... how about a little coupon code that we won't tell anyone about {except you - and here} .... Use coupon code NJR5 to get any one regular priced 4x6 for $10. This weekend only!

Happy Weekend - Happy LOVE - and thanks for stopping by today!

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  4. Congrats on your 5 years. Thanks for sharing your story. I love reading these "how we met" stories. And tell him today that you don't have a "big butt" and he is not stupid :). Deep inside I think you both liked each other way back then when you thought each other was annoying or you wouldn't have even bothered to talk to each other. I met my DH at work while in college and I thought he was the most annoying person there. LOL.

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