Apr 9, 2013

We love Ribbon Carousel!

Howdy Partners! 

Nicole here - finally! We've been knee deep in all things move and this little blog has been sorely neglected! Yikes.But, I think we're back for good this time. We're almost completely unpacked and other than a few small details - like cable and internet - (which we should be getting this morning) we're pretty much 'in'! Wanna see a peek of the new place?!

Here is a little instagram highlight reel! lol 

We moved into an OLD building in downtown San Diego (Bankers Hill - for anyone who is familiar with San Diego) 
The kitchen has SO much character - ok, it could just be OLD. lol 

I'm busy making lots of curtains - for the kitchen (like that black one under the sink) and all around the apartment. It's nice to have so much sun - but a bit of privacy is nice too! 

Then, we also choose to sell our two cars (my Mustang and Jake's VW) to get one small car (fuel efficent) --- Parking is a premium down here and it's all of the 'parrellel' varitey. So, compact was the name of the game!

We took a couple minutes on Sunday (Jacob took a couple hours break from work at 4pm - no joke) and we sold our two cars and bought a Honda FIT. It's fun and sporty - and responsible. lol (gotta LOVE Car Max)

Anyway! You're here to see all the latest in the Sweet Shop and I'm so happy to tell you that we're teaming up with Ribbon Carousel for the next couple months to design with them and show off how awesome their product is! 

Have you entered their challenge?!? 

The theme this month is 'showers and flowers' 

Check out all the amazing design work HERE (I'm even in there) 

 I took out two of my favorite sets - It's Raining and Simple Sentiments and I created a little gift set. 

Don't you love those little glasses?! 

Be sure to stop by Ribbon Carousels Blog and say hello!! 

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we are trying to get everything put back together from the move - yikes. 

You all are the sweetest! 

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  1. Great projects Nicole! I DO love the glasses and of course that adorable umbrella, and everything is better with enamel dots!

  2. You are the best friend a girl could have! Thanks so much for all of your support! I can't tell you how much that means!

  3. wow your place is looking good.. congrats on the new car.. Honda Fits are too fun...

    Love these projects..

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