Mar 14, 2013

Sweet Spotligt: AJ's Back!

 Happy Thursday!

(Which as I mentioned last week - is my *favorite* day of the week! - It's the night all my good TV shows are on!) Although, I really don't watch too much TV - probably less than 20 minutes a day - and mostly it's news. But, thursday nights I have 2 shows that I LOVE - and a third that I DVR just in case I have an extra 45 minutes somewhere in the week to watch! ANYWAY... lol

AJ Otto - is back with us this month as a sweet guest designer - since you already know a little about her, we'd thought it'd be fun if we asked her a couple questions!

1. Who is your design crush? And, why?    

Oooh. I have quite a few, but Laurie Willison is just fabulous! Everything she makes I just adore.  Perfect balance of clean and graphic and awesome rolled into one.  And, she's so darned genuinely sweet. 

2. We all love trends - and there are some we even don't like to admit we LOVE (like Justin Beiber... lol) What craft trends do you love - even if it's hard to admit!

Craft Trends...Ive never been great about being trendy, I tend to always pick up on them after the fact! ;)  Right now I would have to say I am loving arrows, and those fun little wood pieces.  And chevrons. In my graphic loving design head they will never NOT be trendy!

3. What's some good crafty advice for someone interested in becoming a designer?    

Do what you like, don't give in to styles trends that you don't enjoy.
4. You're in your favorite accessory store and there is a shoe, a purse, and a necklace in your favorite print/color - which do you buy? (and what color is it?)  

Ok, so as of late I seem to be on a Turquoise kick.  Chevron pattern of course. (see question #2)   And, I haven't worn a necklace for some time, so I would more than likely get the shoes AND the purse. Life is short! ;)

 Isn't she just the cutest?! Yep, that's why we love her around the sweet shop!

She made some pretty amazing cards this go around...

 Simple - Sweet - and Stylish, yes?!

She used ...

Be sure to visit AJ and say hello on her blog - HERE


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and don't forget - 

See you back here tomorrow for another guest designer and more fun STUFF!!

I'm working on some fun cards with my new Walmart 'finds' (a HUGE HUGE bag of sequence $2.00 and a HUGE bag of neon pipe cleaners $2.00)

Can't wait to show off my creations! (If I'm 'on it' - I'll show a couple off tomorrow!)

Happy Crafting!

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