Jan 3, 2013

Welcome 2013

Hello Sweet Friends - 

It's been a while - but, we're back ... and we had a fabulous holiday! Sometimes when you're a one woman ship of a growing business - you need to take a couple moments (or weeks) away from the 70+ hour work week to re-center yourself - and remind yourself WHY you're doing this whole business thing. So, that's exactly what I did - pretty much, nothing. :) Well, actually - I was quite busy

My brother and sister-in-law came into town and we started with an evening at the Old Globe - for the play 'The Grinch' --- it was SOOO good. If you ever find yourself in San Diego around the holidays - you must go! 

Then all of a sudden it was Christmas Eve - and midnight mass - 

We had a lovely Christmas day - it included lots of love and a couple really cool gifts (ok, more than a couple --- what can I say --- we're spoiled!) :) 

Then we got dressed up for a family photo - we haven't had a family photo of the six of us in some time - so it was NICE to finally do that. Here is a sneak peek - we haven't seen the photos yet. :) 

So - then we were off to our Christmas holiday to Seattle --- for the big Seahawks game ... here is a small peek at our amazing trip! 

The Seattle Symphony

Tour of Centurylink Field 

Lots of Pike Place Market! 

LOTS AND LOTS of really yummy food! 

And, of course - the BIG game! 

Then, we got home just in time to celebrate New Years Eve on the USS Midway (an aircraft carrier in San Diego) --- So, we got our 1940's attire on and headed off to welcome 2013

WHEW - you see, we were busy! Thank you so much for letting me (and Mr. Sweet) take some time away from all the business craziness - I think we just might do this once a year! 

ANYWAY - you wanna know about the upcoming 'sweet' don't you? 

We have SO much great stamp sets coming down the pipeline - and I'm thinking you might want to see a peek? Am I right? 

Ok - one peek --- just because you all have been SOOO patient with us! 

Yep, that's a color wheel - and what till you see what's coming along with it! 

Oh man - do we have some cool stuff comin --- BUT, we need to make room in our inventory for the new stuff.... SOOOO 

EVERYTHING in the store is 50-70% OFF - YEP!! Hurry and grab your favorites before they're gone and/or retired! (yep, we're going to retire some sets - starting next month) 

Head over to the shop and save - prices are already marked down, please no use of coupon codes during this sale (including shipping offers) ---- These prices are good for in stock stamp sets and will run through this Sunday. 


Happy New Year SWEETS!! 

N. and J. 
(Mrs. and Mr. Sweet) 

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  1. What wonderful and well deserved vacation!!!! The pictures are fabulous! LOVE the 40's get ups!! Ha ha!! Can't wait for the new sets! That color wheel is so intriguing!!! Happy new year!

  2. I think you were made for the 40's!! You look totally gorgeous! :-) And I can't wait for that color wheel set. Love me some new releases from you guys!

  3. What a fun vacation! Glad to have you back!

  4. Wow it looks like you've had a fabulous vacation! All the best for the new year!

  5. Glad you enjoyed your vacation :) You look gorgeous in all of your photos. And thanks for the GREAT sale! I'm getting my creative jive back so this is amazing.

  6. so how do we go to your shop?

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