May 1, 2012

Crazy Tuesday!

Hello Ladies!! 

Whew, it's tuesday already! 

Oh man, before I get into todays inspiration I have 
to share my lil story about why you didn't see a new post 

Monday started out like any other Monday... 
Up early my desk... and straight to the 
post office... it was on my drive to the post office 
that I looked at my hand and sometime caught my 
eye. My wedding band was missing a huge chunk!


I called my husband in a panic and we went 
straight to the jewelers... (I won't name names until 
I figure out if this experience is good or bad based on 
how well they treat us :) 

We turned in the ring and we're currently waiting for 
the verdict... we're pretty sure they won't be able to fix 
it and we're also pretty sure we don't want it to be 'fixed' ... 

Yikes, right? 

I have NO idea how it happened... when 
it happened.... or where the missing 
chunk is! 

So, be sure to tune in tomorrow for 
the continuing wedding band saga! 

Hopefully I'll have good news... 

Any way! 

Laurel and Kelley are with us 
today sharing some pretty cool cards! 

Here is Kelley's card 

LOVE that little bug over the tapes! 

Just so darn cute! 

She used Happy Bugs... 

Check it out in the shop ... HERE 

Then Laurel created the most romantic 
card using Sweet Victoria... check it out! 

Ohhh, and I see some Timeless 
Twine in there! We love Timeless Twine!! 

So pretty Laurel

We are lovin' Sweet Victoria 
(We have ONE set left so if you've 
been eyeing this one... I'd grab it!)

Ok, hope everyone has a great day! 

We'll see you back here tomorrow! 

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  1. That's crazy! Hopefully you guys can get that sorted out soon! I'm sure you miss it!

  2. AAAHHHH...Yeah I would totally freak out!!! Hopeful it will all end happily. Love the cards today too :)

  3. Oh sweet girl! I'm sorry about your ring! I hope whatever you want to happen with it, happens!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your ring. I hope the jeweler comes up with a solution that works for you.

  5. These are great! I am so sorry about your ring! That is horrible!