May 2, 2012

Core of Wednesday!

Hey ladies and gents! 

Wednesday is here and so is another 
day of my wedding band - missing chunk - 
bitter sweet saga... 

(If you have *no idea* what the 
heck I'm talking about ... scroll down to yesterday 
to catch the first half of the story) 

Yesterday afternoon we went to the 
jewelers that we bought the ring from 
and they gave us the bad new that it 
couldn't be repaired. AND, the manufacture 
of the ring no longer carries that style. :(

So, after 2 hours of going back and forth
figuring out what they would do for us... we 
ended up taking our losses and rather than 
having the piece custom made (b/c let's face it ... 
it  wasn't worth what they wanted to custom make it) 
we picked out a new set. Humph. 

Don't get me wrong, the new set is AMAZING! A total
upgrade.... but, I'm feeling mixed emotions. 

 Here's what it comes down to... 

Lesson learned: My wedding ring isn't
 my marriage... it's just 
a ring.... a replaceable ring.... and it's not the end of 
the world. Not. Even. Close. 

So, on Friday night I'll have my new set 
on my hand... but, until then, I'll mourn the 
loss of the original. :) 

Stay tuned... Saturday I'll reveal my new and 
improved set... I mean, how many times in your 
married life to you get to show off
your *new* wedding rings?! 

Do any of you have a wedding ring story? 
I'd love to hear the journey your rings have taken 
in the years of your marriage!! 

I think I might even do a scrapbook page for the 
evolution of my ring!! Brilliant!! 


Stephanie is with us today showing off 
a *really* cute card using 'The Core of It' 

I *love* that ribbon detail and the 
patterned paper under... it's all so 
bright and cheery! 

That Stephanie is so talented! 

Be sure to stop by her blog and 
say hello!

Check out 'The Core of It' 

At the shop HERE

Have a great Wednesday 
and we'll see you back here tomorrow! 

Hugs and Happy Crafting, 

P.S. We *might* be having a -little- something special for 
National Scrapbook Day this Saturday... stay tuned! 

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  1. I am so sorry about your ring!! A similar thing happened to me. We were married on the beach iin Fl. 5 yaars later we were at the same beach and I lost my wedding ring in the ocean!! I was devastated.but I learndd the same lesson as you! The ring doesn't make your marriage. But wow, what a hard and rough lesson!

    1. Samantha! Oh my! That would be traumatic! Did you replace it with something completely different or did you find the same ring? It was a really hard lesson, huh?! -- Thanks for dropping by the blog today and saying hi!

  2. Let's first set I lost the big diamond out of while I was cleaning horse stalls. I figure it got spread on the field with the manure. New set..not like the old one...much better...set two the band broke in the back....we did not fix husband surprised me with a new ring at Christmas...much much prettier with many more diamonds. July will be 27 years for us.

    1. Wowie! You've had quite the wild ride with your wedding bands... but, clearly it sounds like the ring wasn't the key to your happy marriage ... it was a thoughtful and loving husband!! (Surprising you with a new one!! You have a keeper!!) Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  3. I have been lucky to have not lost my band but I did have to have it cut off because my hand got smashed by a door!! So glad to hear that you are able to answer back, don't feel bad I still don't know how work my computer that well either ! LOL And I am super excited that I got my order from you yesterday !! Those cute bugs are the BEST !!!!!

    1. Niki! Ouch! Smashing your hand... ouch ouch ouch!! We can't wait to see what you'll do with your Happy Bugs!! Share! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! We love to hear from our friends and fans! Hugs!

  4. Sorry to hear about your wedding ring, that's just sad when that happens. Can't wait to see your new one. No wedding story here, but my hubby bought me a ring for our 10 yr anniversary and I don't even wear my original wedding set anymore. I still have it, but I love my new one and wear it all the time.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! My mom has a similar story to yours... my Dad upgraded her wedding set on their 25 wedding anniversary and now for the last 10 years she's been rockin' the new set!

  5. Glad to hear that your story will have a happy ending. Your words are so true about wedding bands and relationships. I learned that when my man presented me with an engagement ring made up of all the things I DIDN'T want in the ring. But I love him and he loves me and I know he didn't do it on purpose...he just doesn't know how to listen!

    1. LOL... Boys will be boys.... I mean if boys were thoughtful, they'd be called girls... right? lol.... Eh, they do try though and trying is the *only* part that matters. -- Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hello!

  6. My Mom lost her diamond Fall '11 she was an absolute wreck about it, having had it for 34 years. In January they went on a cruise and my Dad surprised her with a new diamond that she loves. A ring does not a marriage make. It will be fun to celebrate the new rings on Friday -- maybe there will be another proposal or impromptu vow renewal, ya never know!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and saying HI! You are so right that rings aren't *that* important.... Perhaps we will have to have a little vow renewal ... although, friday nights is our bowling league.. so that might be kinda funny. A vow renewal at the :)

  7. Nicole, glad to hear that the jewellers reached a resolution with you. Sorry to hear it couldn't be repaired - but you know the saying.... cloud/lining! LOL!

    ENJOY your new rings. Can't wait to see them. I know I would be heartbroken if anything happened mine, but as you rightly say... they are symbols not your actual marriage. Hugs to you, Deirdre

  8. Pain reaches the heart with electrical speed, but truth moves to the heart as slowly as a glacier.Calibrators :)

  9. Sometimes we need the reminder that a wedding ring is just a symbol of our love. It is the love itself that is important.