Dec 7, 2011

Hello, Beautiful! It's Christmas time!

I'm going to dig right into todays

I have to say that, to my own surprise,
I find myself reaching for 'Hello, Beautiful'


You know this set, right?

I don't know what it is about this 
set... but, I just *love* it! 
I use it all the time and I'm finding 
reasons to grab for it. 

So you can image that Christmas
would be no exception! 

Check out this Christmas card I 
made using the set...

Yep, this was a total success... 
(which doesn't always happen :) 

All the images are so easy to paper piece
and color. Open concept images (like 
Sweet Stamp Shop stamps) are perfect
for the Clean-&-Simple card maker 


For the card maker (or altered art/scrapbooker) 
that likes lots of layers and 'extras'. 

I even paper pieced the hair dryer to go 
on the inside of the card... see... 

I think that open concept designs allow
YOU to create something that in the end 
is *completely* you! 

Leigh Ann also used Hello Beautiful today... 

Check out how awesome her card is
and how it's totally *her* ... 

I love that we all come up with such 
different ideas... SO CREATIVE!

You can find out how she did that 
glitter-y spray on her blog.. 

I hope that today we've showed you 
how versatile stamps can be and 
that we've inspired you to grab 
those stamp sets that you already 
own and create holiday cards that 
you'll LOVE!! 

Continued Holiday Wishes! 

The Rixon's 

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  1. Can I just say that I LOOOOOVE these??!!! I'm so inspired by how you all take these every day stamp sets and use them in ways that your average crafter (like me) wouldn't think of using them! Super cute & creative!


  2. The card is very good and the red and white color is awesome.

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  3. Great cards but I got to say my fave is the inside...that paper pieced hair dryer is super fab!!!

  4. OH! I totAlly love this sweet stamp set:D! My daughter is a hairstylist!! This would be the perfect set!!! Love the glittery hairspray can card too!

    ~Vanessa W

  5. SUPER cute--I LOVE that you made a Christmas card using this set! FUN! I am totally using this set later on in the month--I just have to figure out if my design will work:) LOL! Great job!! LOOOOOOOVE!