Dec 9, 2011

Friday and a 'Steal' of a Deal!!

Happy Friday All!! 

Guess who has a whole 
lotta 'Sweetness' for a 
steal of a price... 

YEP!! We're the 'Steal of the Day' 
How awesome is that?!!? 

If you're just joining us from 


Thanks so much for dropping 
in and checking us out! 
We're a really fun group of 
girls here at the 'Sweet' shop! 

It's *super* important to us that 
when you visit you leave inspired 
to craft and *love* what you make!

We have lots of fun 
stamp sets .. you can 
find all of them at our 
shop - HERE 

But, today I'm sharing with you 
a project I made using 
*three* of my favorite things.. 

1. Candied Pecans
2. Mason Jars
3. Sweet Stamp Shop Stamps!

Ready to see what I'm passing out 
this year to all my friends and family.. 

I used one of my favorite sets - 

Check out these close ups! 
I think I know a couple people 
who will go 'nuts' over these... 

lol... totally cheesy.. I know :) 

The top turned out nice... 
and for the jar I used sticky paper 
tape and rafia ribbon. *love*

I make *lots* of nuts and some of 
them end up going into bags... 

And I have grand plans to 
add a cute little tag to them. 

Stay tuned to see if it really happens :) 

There has been some really amazing 
Christmas cards coming out of the 
'Sweet' shop lately... and I thought
on a 'steal' day I should recap some 
of them for you... to inspire! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

We *always* have fun and great deals 
on our facebook page! 

Also come visit our 


We're always trying to inspire 
and cheerlead our friends, fans, 
and customers to paper craft as much as 

Many Blessings for a Merry Christmas 
and Happy New Year! 

Big Hugs, 
The Rixon's 

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  1. Such cute projects! Thank you so much for working with I can't wait to see your steal today!

  2. Such awesome inspiration from the team!!! Christmas is a lot hipper because of SSS :)

  3. Congrats on a successful Steal!! Great inspiration from the team!!!!!!! <3