Nov 18, 2011

Sports Fever, or maybe...

Let's do the Friday dance... 
do the Friday dance
Friday dance! 

Happy Friday... 

Boy, do I have something extra cute to share with you 
today... you know our amazing designer 

Well, she used the Sports Fever set to make 
a layout and a really cute hair pin. 

You see Savannah isn't much of a sports person.
Actually, not a sports person at. all. 

But, she decided to put on some track pants
find herself a jersey... and give it a go... 

She actually looks like she knows something
here... like maybe she's tricking us... 

But wait.. 

Awww, yes... the age ol' granny shot. 

(great form, if I might add!) 

Anyway, she decided to do a layout telling 
the truth about sports (for her) 

Ready to see... it's brilliant!

She also incorporated the set 
'Sweet Alpha Doodles' 
which is actually really versatile and fun! 

She also whipped up a little clip 
with the set... 

She's so talented... that ball looks real! 

I don't care what she says... I think she's 
fooling us with 'not liking sports' ! 

She's a closet fan. I just know it. 
And I think she's a closet 
Chargers fan. :) 

Ok, maybe not. 

But, we need all the support we 
can get right about now. 

(ugh, start winning Chargers!!) 

On another note... 

I am sharing the blog with Savannah today.. 
I have something really cute to share with you! 

In honor of Twilight and showing 
that our stamp sets are super 
versatile... I decided to make a little 
Twilight card. 

For all you fans out there... 

I loved the Twilight series... years ago. 
I like to think, before they became such 
a big smashing success. 

Actually, I have a bit of a connection 
to it all. My family is *very* deeply 
rooted in the Pacific North West. 
And all of my family (no, really... ALL) 
live in a little town called Port Angeles. 

Sound familiar?!

For my high school years I spent 
every summer working at the local pool 
living with my Grandparents... and camping... 
yep, went to Forks quite a bit.
(yeah, they do a horrible job portraying 
the area in the 

Historical Side Note:

My great great Grandfather 
surveyed most of the Olympic 
National Park and named 
a mountain in honor of his 
pioneer wife. We're pretty 
rich in history in the area... I don't 
mean to bore you ... lol..
 But, if you're interested... 

is a really great picture of 
Carrie Glacier with the 
accompanying sign. 

I grew up listening to 
stories of my family and 
I know that while my Grandfather
(whom sadly is suffering with the 
last stages of Alzheimer's) 
couldn't tell you a story today. 
He did an amazing job sharing as 
much as he could, for as long as he 
could, so that we could be proud and share 
it ourselves. 


As you can see, those books were an escape 
into a time and place that I hold very dear. 
A fictional story that was set in a very 
real place, for me. 

The movies on the other hand... are a horse 
of another color... and it's probably b/c I'm 
from where the books take place ... but, 
I don't *love* the movies. 

But, when I was brainstorming ways 
to use holiday sets for things other than 
holidays... it hit me.... Vampire 
Melvin was just perfect for Edward... and 
regular ol' Vernie would make the 
perfect Bella! 

There is Melvin... all shimmery! 

So, here is my card... 

For all the Twi-hards and 
for giving 15 minutes of fame
to the little town and area that 
is *very* dear to me. 

The inside... 

We're team Edward around here! 
Although, Edward in the books was far 
more attractive (both in personality and 
in looks) then the movies... in my opinion! 

I hope you have a great weekend and 
you take a moment (after this epic post) lol
to check out our website and facebook. 

Thanksgiving Owl-fits are on sale for $6 through
Thanksgiving ... or until we run out! 

Big Hugs, 

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  1. Love your cards!!! The twilight 1 is super cute. I know some fans that would get a kick out of it. And I agree with you about the books verses the movies, but I feel that way with alot of the book turn movie. Oh well, thanks for showing different ways that the stamps can be used.

  2. Savannah is so talented...she certainly doesn't need to be good at sports too! Love that fun layout and hair accessory!

  3. LOL! I think this post has got to be my fav--you are sooooo clever! LOVE what you wrote about being a closet fan:) LOL!

    And your card---OH MY GOOOOODNESS! Amazing! I wish I had more time this week to create something for the Twilight saga.....LOVE LOVE LOVE your Team Edward! YOU. AMAZE. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ack! Nicole and Savannah are BOTH amazingly talented women! Sav's sports themed layout and hair clip, not to mention the humorous photos, are FABulous. I love your story, Nicole, and your card is absolutely a hoot! Keep up the great (and entertaining) work Sweet Stamp Shop.