Nov 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Inspiration

Happy Cyber Monday!

Whew, the holiday week is over and the 
house is quite once again. 

It's these moments that you think, 
Man, that week went by fast! 
Before I know it... and probably
before I am ready, Christmas will be 
here. Yikes! 

Anyway, I have lots of great inspiration for you 
today from several of our Sweet Tooth Girls
AND from a special guest designer! 

This week caught up with me 
and I have a few projects from 
the holiday week I haven't shared with 
you. So get ready for lots of inspiration!

First up, is Leigh Ann! 

She inked up Scootin' By!

I *love* this card. It's a great use of the set... 
check out all the little parts and pieces she 

I really like sets where you use 
*lots* of the stamps... talk about 
gettin' bang for your buck! HUH!

Next up is the ever talented 

Check out this box she created using 
the alpha set!

WOW! I love the colors and how easy 
it would be to create a matching card
or tag... the possibilities are endless. 

You could even create a little word search
for Christmas or Love... or anything! How 
inventive and interactive! She's a genius! 

Sweet Alpha Doodles are 
so much fun! 

Actually, my favorite lady
Savannah also used 
the alpha set to create 
a really cute envelope for 
the holidays! 

And the tree is from Tree Traditions!!

Speaking of Tree Traditions... 

Our good friend and special 
guest designer... 

Created the *cutest* mini album 
using the Tree Traditions set. 
It's bright and colorful... 
and maybe my favorite 
Christmas project so far this year!

Check it out! 

How colorful and fun is this? 

She's really amazing with all things 
altered... and it makes for great gifts! 

Are you ready for the holiday's this year? 

I'm doing my best to get ready! 

If you can take a moment and 
say hello to our designers! They 
are the genius behind the sweetness! 

Also, before I forget... 

Cyber Monday Special Deal

Free Gift with every purchase today!! 

Wanna know what kind of gift??

How about some of my favorite 
stamp pads?? Momento Inks!!!

(Dew Drops in *lots* of great colors!!) 

Or how about some glitter packs? 
Ribbon Packs??? 


Tree Traditions for $6.50!!! 
That's 60% off!!! WOW!

(Tree Traditions is marked at $10, once you're
at check out it will take off 35% to make your 
Tree Traditions set $6.50)


TODAY is THE LAST DAY to take advantage
of 35% off and free shipping. 

(use coupon code FREESH for free shipping) 

Happy Cyber Monday ALL!


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  1. Woo hoo! Just placed my order! Can't wait to see what my Cyber Monday surprise is! :-) I almost forgot about being guest designer today! I'm glad you shared my little album! I had lots of fun with that adorable stamp set!

  2. The Christmas ideas are all wonderful - thank you all for creating them and for sharing them with us!

  3. HOOOORAY for a great deal!! Happy Cyber Monday!!

    and WOWZA for a packed post today! LOVE all these projects---Leigh Ann is so amazing--LOVE how she uses the images and so many from one set!! LOVE Aga's box--she is so talented! CLEVER!!! And Emily's little album is soooooooooo precious! LOVE LOVE LOVE those trees on the front! BEAUTIFULLY done:)

    Great post!