Oct 21, 2011

Movie time Friday!

Happy Friday, again! 

My oh my, how the time flies. 

Last night I was laying (lying?... I should have paid
more attention in grammar class) Anyway... I was in 
bed at 8-ish ready to watch my 2 favorite shows 
of the week... and before I saw twenty minutes... 
zzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzz.... fast asleep! 

Ugh! Thank god for DVR! 

We'll as you might understand, going to bed with an 
'8' as the first number on the clock... usually spells.. 
waking up with a '4' as the first number on the clock. 

Yep, here I am 


Today we have something really genius to 
share with you from 'Sweet Tooth Girl' 

She decided to use the Watchin' TV set

*love* that set! 

Here is what she came up with... 

Absolutely perfect for Father's Day!

You know what I really like about giving you 
ideas for future holidays... is that this time of 
year is *perfect* for creating a few stacks of 
a variety of cards for the holidays. They make for 
the best quick gifts and people *love* getting a 
stack of home-made cards! Trust me!

Recently I made some reusable sandwich bags 
with the 'Watchin TV' set... you can 
check it out here (with directions) 

Also, I'd like to remind you that the Halloween Owl-fits set
is now $9 now through Halloween! 

Get them while they last! 

Have a great friday and an even better weekend. 

Check back soon for more great inspiration and 
lots of 'sweet' stuff! 

Be sure to stop by our 

Happy Weekend!


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  1. What a super cute card, well done Savannah and I love the idea of a reusable sandwich bag.

  2. Wow, this card is so fun. I have loved this set - and now have a brain rolling with ideas on ways to use it! The sandwich bag is great - thanks for the information on it!