Sep 30, 2011

World Card Making Day -- Sketch & Video

World Card Making Day is here! 

The day that we take some time out of our hectic 
schedule and craft something (preferably a card).... 


Odds are the average crafter doesn't celebrate... 
it is a great day to check out some 
amazing inspiration on the web
and maybe enter into a few contests! 

Today at the shop I have some inspiration for you... 

a video... 

and even a sketch! 

I'm not too big of a sketch person but I do like them for 
fast and easy cards... you can makes lots of different cards 
based on *one* simple idea... 

Check out my idea for this...

Just a simple little card sketch from my sketch book.

And with some love from these two sets:

'Hello Beautiful'

And 'The Core of It' 

I created two *very* different cards off of one idea

I could have kept going and going with this simple idea... 

I think these cards took about 15 min. and most 
of that time was contemplating what patterned paper 
I would you know the *big* 

Now, off to the video... I warn you I'm chatty!

I'm working in not feeling like I 
have to -talk- the whole time. 

Oh, well... I'm a total video work in progress!

This video is showing you how to 
make the little rosette you saw in this card

I make it without a score board... 
much faster and easier! 

You can check it out here: 

I know... I'm too chatty... but, it *is* a good tip!

If you've made your way through the *whole* post...
Whew, you've earn a World Card Making Day 
Coupon for the store! 

So, this weekend grab up the *old* stamps 
for 20% off because starting Monday *new* stamps 
are comin' your way!

Use coupon code WCMD20


Big hugs for a fun and craft filled weekend!

Jacob and Nicole

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  1. I love your tutorial Nicole! I never thought of using a crimper!!!! That makes things A LOT faster when making rosettes!!!


  2. LOOOOOOOOOOVE these cards--but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your video! You are a PRO!! You have to give me tips--esp. for your lighting! LOVE:)