Sep 29, 2011

Playing catch up!

Hey Yo! 

It's been 'one of *those* weeks'...
you know, the weeks where 
you catch up on everything but loose track
of the day to day things that 
have to be done. Yep, that's my week for you.
It's been *really* productive
but, some things just didn't get done...
like yesterdays post!


So, for like 3 minutes can we
pretend that it's wednesday? 

Happy Wednesday All... 
Whew this week is *flying* by!

I have something really cute to share with you from 

She used the Hello Beautiful set!!

Hugs. Sigh. I love this set... 

Ok, snap out of it... back to Geny's card

I *love* the colors she used. 
So bright and cheery! 
What a great way to use *lots* of the set... 
I know when I ink up 
most of a set I feel so good that I'm getting 
good use out of something I bought 
with my hard earned cash!

Geny's a Genius! 

By the magic of Sweet Stamp Shop
its Thursday again!

Today's inspiration used 
'The Core of It' stamp set 

and the genius of 

She came up with this 'treat'!

Oh so cute and Oh so yummy looking! 

Homemade anything is so *nice* to receive! 

Thanks for letting me play some 
catch up on the blog today... 

It's bound to happen from time to time. 

Are you getting excited for our 
official release next week? 

I am! I think your going to *love* it. 

Stay Tuned! 

The Sweet Shop is in full *holiday* swing!

Happy Crafting!

Jacob and Nicole

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  1. mmmm, is that applesauce? what a cute way to 'spice up' the jar.

  2. OH, Geny!! That girly card makes me want to have a GNO! LOVE LOVE LOVE your design!

    And that applesauce tag--LOVE! Super clever! As always, Lindsay!