Sep 23, 2011

Do the Sweet Friday Dance

Let's do the Sweet Friday dance!! 

And dance... and dance.... 

Get up and dance.... 

We're doin' the Sweet Friday dance... 

(what's funniest about that is... while I was typing that I was singing it 
in my head and my butt was wiggling in my that's Nicole for ya) 


Savannah is rocking our socks off today with a pretty amazing project... 

That's a peek... just to wet your friday taste buds. 

Savannah is really a creative designer. She has an eye for what looks good and boy, does it show in her work. 

This week she used the 'Sweet Tooth' set... 

She created *the* most amazing project... 

A tooth holder! 

Umm, yeah.... that's simply amazing. 

And if that little beauty wasn't enough... look at this altered candy bar!

Drooling! So darn cute!

On a personal note... Savannah is just *the* nicest girl you'll ever met! 
If you haven't visited her blog recently ... head on over and become a follower... 
she inspirational pretty much daily! 

If only we lived closer!

Don't forget to check out..

OJS Update! 

We're now up to $2,100.00 worth of prizes!!! 

That's right... wow, that is a lot of stuff up for grabs!!

Wanna put your hat in the ring and try to win some of the amazingness??? 

Simply go to the top right hand corner of the blog and click the donate button... 
donate what you can and BAM your entered to win! 

Make sure to join us for the official hop on Oct. 7th - Oct. 9th!

Visit us on our facebook event page and let us know that you'll be stopping by! 

Big Hugs, 
Jacob and Nicole 

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  1. Oh my goodness...what a GREAT idea! So clever and sweet!

  2. LOOOOOOVE when you share my creations--you are the BESTEST and SUPER sweet too:) I do wish we lived closer--could you image the FUN!!! OH MY! Although, you might not get lots done because I would want you to teach me everything you knew! LOL:)

    THANKS so much for all your love and support:) LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweet Stamp Shop:)

  3. Oh, my goodness!! Cutest projects, ever! I just love that tooth holder--such a fantastic idea! Sav is just a creative genius!!