Jul 29, 2011

Final Release! Old School Rock!

Some might say I saved THE best for last ... I might agree... 

Being a child of the 80's and 90's left me with a special place in my heart for all things Mixed. You know, like mixed tapes! 

I couldn't think of a better set to round out my grand opening release than something music related! 

Ready to see the peeks? 

Pretty cute, huh? 

Or what about this one? 

My goal for our little stamp company was to create hand drawn images that were whimsical and unique.Images that people would relate to and maybe even giggle when they see them. I wanted sentiments that were fresh and unique. Encouraging people to send cards 'just because'.... I believe that there is something really special in the details of life. Like, sending a card. 

I hand draw them but you CREATE with them. There isn't much that is more special than that. I can't wait to see what you all create with the images... I know it's just going to blow our socks off. 

Thanks for hanging in with me through all the releases! 

Wasn't it worth the wait? 

Here is the final set... 

Old School Rock

So, starting on Monday we're announcing the first design team! We'll be introducing them through Thursday... just in time for our grand opening blog hop on Friday... that will end with the grand reveal of our shop/website! 

Wanna win this set and all the other reveals? 

You'll need to 
1. Comment on each different reveal post. 
2. Follow our blog
3. Follow us on Facebook 
4. Follow us on Twitter 

In order to be eligible to win you must comment and you MUST follow our blog. We realize not everyone has Facebook and Twitter.... those are just a bonus... and a great way for you to see Facebook only give-a-ways! 

One Last Thing.... 

Don't forget... 

I can't wait till you see all the great things that are going to happen! 

Have a sweet day (and weekend)!

Jacob and Nicole
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  1. Oh my goodness! This set ROCKS! Love the fun retro 80's vibe :)
    Very excited about your big debut and can't wait to meet the design team!
    I am already a blog follower and already a fan on fb, but I just became a new Twitter follower :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Oh, Em, GEE! I'm an 80's baby too. Born '82 and I could make a mix tape with the best of 'em! I will be purchasing this set! It'll be better if I win it but, hey...it's FAB none the less! I'm stalking you guys all over the net, FB, Twitter, Blogger...all that! :)

  3. WOW, what a fun set. These are very fun and will make for some terrific everyday or just because cards! I love it! Hugs- Glora

    PS I do follow your blog and FB too (I don't do Twitter). Thanks for the fun.

  4. LOVE it, Nicole! Super cool images and those sentiments are awesome! Can't wait to see the big DT reveal!!

  5. LOL, this is TERRIFIC! Would you believe I still have a TON of my mixed tapes (they had GREAT 80s treadmill music on them!)... even a few 8 tracks... shht! Thanks for the chance to win these cool & cute sets!

  6. how fun! another great stamp set!! :)

  7. That is a great set, I was just talking with a friend about Casset tapes and we were wondering if our kids are going to even know what they are. Funny how times change.

  8. this one really makes my heart go boom boom!

  9. Wow!This really brings back memories! One of the first gifts my husband-to-be gave me was a mixed tape (back in the nineties)! Can't wait now!

  10. Another MUST HAVE for me!!! Girl, you're really going to make me broke, but that's ok, at least I will have all of your lovely stamps :-)

  11. LOVE this set! It's adorable!!!


  12. Love this set. Brings me back in the day.


  13. Great set! What an old school theme. . .I love it :D

  14. Awesome, the 80's was the best!

  15. Yahoo it worked for me again! LOL! I love this new set! Got married in the 80's and had my first child! Great times!! ;o)

  16. Awesome! In remember those mix tapes days too and playing them over and over so I could memorize the words. So fun! Memories! Love that tape and the bangin speaker... Kerry

  17. I love these!!!! I had a boyfriend in the late 80's that would mail me a mix tape at least twice a week! I still even have an old walkman!! I would rock these stamps, a lot!! I am excited for August 5th!! I also follow on Facebook, don't have twitter tho.

  18. NO WAY!!!! This is too fun! Saved the best for last!

  19. LOL I SOOO remember mixed tapes! :) These stamps are rockin' for sure! Can't wait for your release day!

  20. So happy for you Nicole!! And so excited to see the new website!!

  21. What a neat looking set. Endless possibilities with these stamps.

  22. Oh, yeah, I still have all my old mix tapes! My siblings and I still joke about what we used to ask for for Christmas each year: "clothes and tapes!" I can totally see making cards with THIS set...I'd gove one to eacc of my siblings for sure! (Maybe even as a Christmas card! Hee Hee!)

  23. Oh My! Bumped into your site and am loving the stamps! Looking forward to more coming, TFS


  24. I love it! These are so creative.

  25. Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Yes, I admit, I know what a tape is LOL!!! These are definitely fun images for us children of the 80's :>)

  26. I still have an entire drawer filled with tapes! I carried my Walkman with me all the time in my little purse, and I also had to find a way to stuff in the headphones since there were no earbuds yet! I really do like that you chose these images for a set. They really do put a smile on my face!

    I'm a follower of your blog, Facebook (Rachel Law), and Twitter (TeacherNinja)!

  27. Cool stamp set. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. ROCK ON! :) Love this adorable new set :) I follow your blog and am a fan on Facebook (sorry, no Twitter here!). Thank you for the awesome giveaways!

    Ashley "Scrappin' Pink Piglet"

  29. Thanks for the chance to win!!
    justina1218 at aim dot com

  30. Super cute! I miss the days of the mixed tape

  31. this is so cute! takes me back .... oh, a little ways.... grins!

  32. Such a fun, fun set - following on everything!!!!

  33. this set ROCKS.. hehe :) no really the dt creations are amazing and this is so much fun.. thanks so much for the chance to win..HUGS
    familybubbles (at) hotmail (dot) com oh and I am a FB fan too :)

  34. This is SWEEEEET! Gotta love the old mix tapes. I used to record stuff off the radio and try to tape around the DJ which didn't always work out so well. :P Thanks for the chance to win. This really is a cute set!

  35. OH these are great images.. takes me back in time.. love it.

  36. rock on!!!