Jan 21, 2014

Design Team Search!

It's that time again and we're on the hunt for 3-5 brand new faces for our Design Team.

*** We're looking for one or two ladies who do 'pocket style scrapbooking' to do a series on stamping and pocket style scrapbooking (like the picture below)

Submissions due by Feb. 1st
Three Month Term (March-May)
Term Starts beginning of March

What we need from you -

Post twice a month on the Sweet Stamp Shop blog with meaningful content - including clear and bright photos - *interesting* tips and tricks - OR a tutorial - OR a video - OR really anything that YOU would want to read. We love sharing inspiration by way of photos on the blog - but we know readers want MORE! From reviews on product to 'how to' tips we might take for granted - our viewers look to us for the latest in the paper craft industry.

Create ONE project for the monthly release - per stamp set sent. We'll take care of the new release blogging - of course, you'll want to have a coordinating blog post on your blog for our release - so we can link to you!

PROMOTE - facebook - twitter - pinterest - smoke signals (ok, we'd be impressed if you knew smoke signals!) .... we need designers who want to become 'house hold names' and are willing to work and promote themselves (as well as SSS). This includes sharing posts on facebook - all the way to entering challenges with our product. We want you to be EXCITED!

We feel so strongly about wanting excited and energetic peps that we're making our design team term only THREE MONTHS LONG! That's right - we know that getting 'burnt out' is a *real* issue with anything crafting... and we want you to feel like our product is new and fresh .... and when you're excited to use it - it shows and it's contagious! Our customers SEE your enthusiasm and want in on it!

What you'll get from us -

Free product (2 - 4 stamps a month depending on the size of the release)

A generous discount on all stamps purchased during your term (actually it's so good we can't say the actual % on the blog - lol)

Access to a facebook group with ALL the information you'll need to participate in our design team.

Here is how you'll put your name in the hat

1. Email us at info@sweetstampshop.com - your name - your blog - and your home address. (we're not accepting international designers at this time - UNLESS you'd like to pay the difference in shipping - which is about $10 a month)

2. Please let us know if you own any SWEET stamps (and the names of the sets that you own). While this isn't a requirement - it's helpful for us to know. Also let us know which sweet set is your favorite (even if you don't own it)

3. Also include your current design teams.

4. Show us your social media 'muscles'!! ---- 'Friend' Nicole Rixon on facebook - we want to see how active you are on facebook and how you utilize it to market yourself and companies you work for. If you are more of a twitter girl - or more of a pinterest person - that's great too! Let us know which social media platform you prefer and give us a way to peek in on you. :)

5. Answer these questions in your application email -

  • We believe **really** strongly that design content is only as good as your ability to market it. What ways do you market your content? How important is it for you to build a readership? 

  • What are your design goals? Go ahead - whisper your 'impossible' ... you know, the thing you fantasize about.... 

  • We do something a little different on our blog - we have our designers come up with a series, a topic that they blog about every time they're scheduled ... so what sort of topic would you like to do, why? 
**** I want to say, that nothing is more important to us then clear, crisp, well taken photos - it's about 80-90% of the decision. So, before you apply - double check that the photos on your blog are crisp clear - large - and that it spotlights your work!

This is a good example of the level of photography we need for the blog (and it just so happen be a sneak peek of Feb release)

Keep in mind ... we're only accepting 3-5 new designers ... That's a very small amount (when typically we have hundreds of applications) .... so, if we don't pick you this time... stick with it - come back! These terms are only three months!

Please send in your application by Feb. 1st - Term will begin with the March Release... Beginning of March!

Happy Stamping! Thanks for reading and considering!
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  1. REALLY wanted to apply this time, but being 8mths pregnant and about to deliver probably means I won't be crafting much. And we are waiting to get a new camera (because right now my pictures are NOT as fabulous as they could be). But I am excited to work on what I love and can't wait for the next term!! Good luck applicants :)

    1. Congrats on your coming Baby! Don't worry, we have a call every three months - so we'll be here when you're ready! <3

  2. I'm with you, Jameka (minus the pregnant part - I'm done with all that stuff!). Going to have to wait for the next term, but your products are super adorable!

    1. Life gets so busy sometimes doesn't it?! We totally understand! We'll be here when you can take a bit of a break and craft! We look for a new team every three months - so be on the look out! <3