Jan 3, 2014

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Mackenzie is a normal happy, healthy college student, but her life hasn’t always been normal. In 2011, while her friends were enjoying their senior year, Mackenzie spent weeks in a hospital waiting for a new heart. During that difficult waiting period, Mackenzie received multiple cards from strangers letting her know they cared. That year, Mackenzie got more than a new heart. She received love from the hearts of many caring people who contributed to Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

About Cards for Hospitalized Kids
Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) is an internationally recognized charitable organization that strengthens the spirits of hospitalized kids through uplifting, handmade cards. Individuals and groups across the world, make handmade cards and send them in to CFHK for distribution in hospitals nationwide.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids was founded in 2011 by Jen Rubino, who had undergone multiple surgeries during her childhood to correct a connective tissue and bone disease. She received a handmade card from a hospital volunteer and it not only brightened her day, it inspired her to create CFHK. She was just 16 at the time.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids distributes cards to hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses nationwide each month, as well on as major holidays. We want to give cards to as many hospitalized kids as possible and we need your help. 

How to Get Involved
For complete instruction on how to get involved, visit their web site. CFHK welcomes people from all walks of life, age, location, and artistic ability. All you have to do is donate a little time and creativity to impact a sick child.

In general, CFHK accepts encouraging cards with messages like Stay Strong, I Believe in You,  or You’re Amazing. At the request of hospitals, CFHK asks that you do not write 'get well', 'feel better' or other comments related to the child's illness because some of the patients suffer from medical conditions that are chronic, life-long, progressive and/or terminal.  Also, please do not include any personal information or religious comments. Hospitals treat patients with various religious beliefs.
After signing your name on the cards, send them to:

Cards for Hospitalized Kids
6567 N. Olmsted
Chicago, IL 60631

Today, Mackenzie is a thriving college student who is no longer on the receiving end of CFHK. She is actually a contributor!! What an inspiration.

Below is a card I made to give to Cards for Hospitalized Kids using the Supermom Set.


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  1. What an inspiring and also heartbreaking, story! I love this cause! And your card is perfect!!! I can totally seeing it lifting up a kids' spirits!! Awesome! I really love your series! Just incredible!

  2. Wow, what better reason to make cards than THAT! I will definitely keep this worthy cause in mind! Great post, beautiful story, and AWESOME SUPER card!

  3. super love your card and post Annette!

  4. Love the superhero theme. Thanks Annette for another great organization.