Jul 17, 2013

Use What You Have Challenge #10

First I have to quickly apologize for the lateness of the post today - This morning (actually while finishing up this post) my hubby broke a glass - cutting his finger. The kind of cut that gushes blood and requires 6 stitches... so off to the Dr. we went. I'm back now, and ready to catch up. 

Not much of a blood person, myself - I thought I'd save you from a gory 'getting stitches' photo. lol

 BTW, I was at the Dr. office myself last night.... Come to find out - that 'bug bite' that I got two weeks ago, it's a tick bite. Yep, I have a tick bite.... and I am on the wide range of medication to make sure that if Lyme disease was possible, I don't get it. Anyway, we're a mess, clearly. lol 

Yeah, that's the 'bullseye' they talk about when you get bite by a tick - just for future reference. lol 

 So, without any further medical emergencies - here's the post for today! 

It's week 10!! Our big 10th challenge! We're busy around the sweet shop gearing up for the new release (next week) and we're headed to Vegas for the big industry show. 


Instead of one week - we'll run this challenge for two weeks.... It will start today and run until July 30th.

Ok, let's dive right in! 

The winner of last week (which we had 13 participants! Thanks guys! Let's hope it keeps growing!) --- JEN! With this card... 

Take a moment to head over to her blog and say hello! HERE

Jen, email us at info@sweetstampshop.com with your address so we can send out your prize! 


Read through the directions carefully - we've changed just a couple things... (well, not really changed - just made more clear) 

You'll have until next tuesday to add your link below - your link needs to be to the direct post not to your general blog - and it needs to include -

1. A link back to our challenge (and optional - our challenge badge - see above)

2. A picture of your stash

3. A picture of your project

Some Extra Details -

1. You do not *have to* use SSS in your card or project - although, we'd love it! (and we can't feature your project in our marketing without you using SWEET! - so keep that in mind!)

2. You have until Tuesday at 10pm pst to add your link below

3. There will be ONE winner based upon most creative use of 'old stuff' .... and ONE winner drawn from all the participants. Winners will be announced the day of the new challenge - so, in this case... next Wednesday. Prize will be something sweet - lol. REMINDER - NEW RULE - In order for us to have TWO winners we must have AT LEAST 15 entries in the challenge! If not, then we'll just award the one person who used their stash the best. SO, SHARE the challenge and get your friends on board!

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Create whatever strikes your fancy - scrapbook page, project life - cards - altered art - home decor.... anything! Just be sure to use that old stuff in it!

(also, we had a question about multiple entries - YES, you can make as many cards as you like! BUT, it doesn't increase your odds of winning - your name will go into the hat 'once')

INTERNATIONAL participation is welcome - but, prizes will be shipped at the expense of the participant. 


Here's my stash that I've been working down... 

And the card I made...

So, let's get straight to the prize this week ----- 

Kiss Me

Let's get lots of people to join.... so I'll bump the prize to TWO winners ... one for the challenge and one for just 'sharing' the challenge.... that way if you don't have time to play - you at least can try to win by sharing. Please comment below letting us know that you shared!

Couple Reminders... 

1. Our July release is coming around the corner - you'll wanna join us in the facebook event page for all the latest sneak peeks and to keep your eye out for our give-a-way! HERE

2. We've restocked your favorites! Head over and grab em while we still got em! 
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  1. Aww I hope both of you get better.
    I shared the Giveaway on my twitter so more people play this 2 weeks.

  2. I'm so glad I found you...your images are darling! I can't wait to start my little Sweet Shop collection!

    Hope you both start feeling better right away...how horriable :(

  3. Adorable card! Awesome challenge!

    I don't want to interfere with your personal medical care but I understood that the bullseye ring the comes from a tick bite means you have Lyme Disease. It is a bacterial infection, which explains why you are on antibiotics. I could be completely wrong and I certainly do not want to alarm you but be sure you followup with your doctor and take all your meds. Lyme Disease can effectively treated if treated promptly. Wishing you a safe trip and a fast recovery!

    1. We don't mind your comment at all! You're right - that pesky little ring does indicate that it's VERY likely I have Lyme Disease - so I'm on all the medicine that I can be on to prevent it from going any further! Thank you so much for your well wishes! We'll update everyone when I'm bug bite FREE!! lol :) Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Congrats to Tracey, I fell in love with her card when I saw it! Sorry to hear about your DH's cut and your possible Lyne Disease...glad you are both receiving good care. Best wishes for speedy recoveries! I just posted a set of cards for the challenge this week, and I also mentioned your July release...exciting stuff! I love your sweet kissy card today!

  5. I have been wanting this stamp set just to have the cute kissing couple. Thanks for the chance to win.

    marg0006 at Verizon dot net

  6. I am sharing the giveaway info on facebook.

    marg0006 at Verizon dot net

  7. Whoop whoop! How did I miss this on Wednesday? Thanks you so much!

  8. I shared the challenge on Facebook! I'm sure I can find time to participate this round :)

  9. Hi! Did your link close early..I was going to post soon ( before 10pm pst) but it looks closed :)

  10. Ooh, looks like the link closed early? Just in case:

  11. Ah, darn! I was hoping to link (yes last minute) to the challenge, but it says the collection is closed now :( It isn't quite 10pm (it's actually 9:41pm)...so, if there is any way possible to add me, I'll put the challenge participation up to 15 people :) It's worth a shot anyway.
    Here is the link to my blog: