Jul 30, 2013

Operation Organize—Embossing folders


Jennifer here with your dose of OPERATION ORGANIZE. Do you guys LOVE your embossing folders as much as I do? It seems like I can not get enough of them. I love to use them to add texture and depth to my cards.

Today I am showing you how I keep them organized and easy to see.

I took a piece of A4 size cardstock (all the same color, just to be consistent). Ran it through the Cuddlebug and embossed a sampler of all the folders. Then I use this super cute polka-dot binder and page protectors (both from Target). The binder is a 8.5 x 5.5 size, so it fits 2 samples perfectly on each page.

I numbered the page in the book and the corresponding embossing folder.
NOW, I can look through my book to find the folder I want. No more fumbling through the folders.

The embossing folders (including the A7 ones) fit PERFECTLY in this CD storage basket.
All of my folders fit in just this one basket. I think it holds about 75.

Now to implement that organization onto a card. I looked through my book and found the folder I wanted, a cloud one by Darcie, #10 in my book. You can buy it here.

I also used the Baby Love stamp set. It contains great stamps that work together or separately. Just look at that rainbow! I can think of a dozen cards I could use just that one on.

I stamped and colored the blue rainbows before I ran it through the Cuddlebug (click on photo to see the embossed clouds better).

Thanks for checking out Operation Organization today. Hope this helps you achieve that organized space.

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  1. Hey I just added this folder to my folder family yesterday. lol.
    I love your card!. Such a cute idea! TFS.

    1. Isn't her organization jaw dropping - we LOVE Jennifer's creativity AND her organizing skills ... thanks for dropping in and commenting!

  2. oh my that card is SO SO CUTE.. i love it

  3. Great storage idea!!! I love the card! Stamping then embossing looks sooo good!!!

    1. Isn't it a great idea!?! I don't have that many folders - but, I can see how addictive those little folders can be ... so if I'm not careful I'll have quite the stash too - thanks to Jennifer, I'll know how to organize them!

  4. Super card! Love the bold colours you've used. And that's a really good idea for storing embossing folders!

  5. You have a ton of folders! Awesome way to store them! :)