Jun 11, 2013

Tuesday Craft Fail WINNER!

It's Tuesday - what the heck?! Where did the last couple days go - YIKES!

And, today I'm crazy busy again - it kinda looks like I won't be doing much of anything productive until tomorrow! Well, today will be productive - but, it's a 'catch up' on life and appointments kind of day. Ugh!

Anyway, before I run out the door - literally - I wanted to post the winner of the EPIC craft fail guessing game!

If you didn't catch the game - we showed a picture of a pretty big 'craft fail' that we had in the Sweet Shop yesterday...

And, we asked our facebook fans to guess what on earth this mess was. We were looking for the name of the product that went SO wrong.

While having fun around the sweet shop yesterday - we decided to try our hand at some new Resin product that I had recently gotten - and we thought, ick this resin is a ugly shade of milky white - let's color it with paint.... and let's just say - yep, that was a bit of a chemistry craft fail. lol

SO - we were looking for the FIRST person to use the key word RESIN in their guess and that was....

Although this guess isn't 100% right - it wasn't in a mold, it didn't make it that far (this is from the cup that we were mixing it in) and it wasn't really an over calculation of mix, so much - as it was adding paint to the mix (lol) BUT, it was RESIN! And, so that makes Yvonne our winner!

Email us at info@sweetstampshop.com with your choice of an *in stock* stamp set and your address - and we'll get that right out to you!


I wanted to mention that if you haven't already - you're going to want to 'join' our event page for the June release. As it gets closer we'll be doing give-a-ways and showing more peeks of the new stamps!

Check it out HERE.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. woo hoo! thanks so much for the awesome prize and the fun game... how did I know??? well as you might guess, I have had experience... LOL... and it still haunts me and my carpet till this day...

  2. Congrats!!! That's a funny story!!

  3. At the risk of sounding clueless, someone please explain what you use resin for, besides cool crafty experiments!

  4. What a fun contest. Lovely card with the fan.