Jan 16, 2014

January Release - Basically, awesome.

Yeppers - today is release day! I can kinda hardly believe it - time flies so fast (then again I say that every month, don't I - lol)

Anyway, let's just dive right into it!

THE most important part (second to the stamps) is the sale - so before we go any further, here's the 'deal' ---


20% off your total NEW release stamp purchase using coupon code NR20

(and if you mention 'blog' on your order, I'll throw in something special for you - but, only if you mention 'blog' in the comment section of your order!)

Are you ready for the new release?! I'm so excited about these four stamp sets, I could jump for JOY! But, I'll refrain myself - it's ok if you wanna jump - we encourage it!

We're releasing some great BASIC stamp sets ....

'Basic' means: a great standard and 'must have' set for any collection, usually including (but not limited to) sentiments and general images. Something you can use over and over again!

We're proud to be releasing...

Foxy 2x6 
Anatomy Of Love 4x6

Just The Basics 2x6
Numbers-Symbols 2x6
We LOVE our design team - no, really! They're awesome - on top of it - and just the best, sweetest, group of ladies we've had! So, let me show off what they've done to show you how awesome these stamp sets really are!

Please - please - *super pretty sweet* please - take a moment and visit these talented ladies on their blogs. Not only do they have bonus content - but, they LOVE what they do and it shows.... take a moment and 'follow' their blogs (if you can) and leave a comment - it means so much to these girls, I promise! (you'll make their day!)

Charlene Bopp 

Please take a moment to visit the uber talented Charlene on her blog HERE - she'll have bonus content (and it's - WOW)! 

Samantha is really the sweetest girl around - go ahead and see what else she has up her sleeve, on her blog - HERE.

Tyra Babington


It's no secret - I have a design crush on Tyra! SHE'S amazing!! WOW, ok - you like, absolutely have to go see her blog - like, right now :) HERE

Nicole Gavaldon

Every time Nicole posts one of her creations - I think, Ummm - WOW. I know you think so too, right?! So, take a moment and say hello to her on her blog HERE

So, we don't have enough room on the blog right now to show off the amazingness of Chrissy! Most of these cards do special things - open with fun sentiments - and are just *way cooler* then these little pictures show - SO you MUST, must - must - go to her blog and check these cards out in more detail - amazing!! HERE

Melissa Chipperfield 

Haven't you LOVED Melissa's new series on blog photos?! (you should scroll down to her blog post and check it out if you haven't already!) Also, take a moment to visit her blog - HERE - she's pretty spectacular! 

Lindsay Amrhein

Take a moment and follow Lindsay on her blog - HERE - she posts great content and always has the most inspirational cards! 

Annette Witherspoon

Annette - is a doll - and so is her fun cards - I know she has a couple more really awesome creations to show you - on her blog, HERE. Be sure to say hi, I know she LOVES it! 
Dannielle Robeson

Did you know that Danni - our design team coordinator - is now the design team coordinator for 'Fusion Challenge'?! Yep, take a moment and check out her blog - get all the latest news and fun stuff coming out of Danni's crafty world! HERE

Your fearless leader NICOLE, might have made a couple items for the release too! (I just couldn't help myself, this is such a good release) But, you already know what I look like, right?! lol So, I'll spare ya the picture... and just get right to the good stuff... 

Don't forget about the sale - good today and tomorrow only! Coupon code - NR20 .. 20% off all the new release stamps! 

Check out all the new releases on the website - http://www.sweetstampshop.com/new-release/

Take a moment and comment below - let us know which stamp set you're just going to *have to have* ---- we love to hear what stole your heart! 

Thank you so much for stopping in, commenting, following - and supporting! We're a small business who deeply appreciates you as our customer and we know - it just wouldn't be possible without you! So, thank you!! 

Happy release day - Happy Stamping!
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  1. Foxy is my favorite. Adding it to my wish list.

  2. they are all super cute! I ordered mine last night!

  3. What a fabulous release! Lovin' all the DT creations! :) And you're asking which one I just 'have to have'?!......How 'bout all of them!! lol I can't decide on just one, there's something about each and every one that I like and would use! :)

  4. Great "basic" release! The numbers and symbols would be a great add to my collection set!
    Hugs, Debbie!

  5. What SUPER inspiration from this awesome Design Team! Fun cards all around! Congrats on another wonderful release at the Sweet Stamp Shop!

  6. seriously, your design team rocks.

  7. oh my goodness! these cards!! i swoon! so so so so so lovely! :)

  8. My word!!!!! The stamps are fab and the DT did an AMAZING job with all of these gorgeous projects!!!! Stellar!!!!