Dec 18, 2013

Guest Designer - Shay!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas my SWEET friends!

Can you believe that Christmas is in a week? No, like literally - ONE WEEK (seven days) from today?! OH - EMM - GEEE!! I'm behind!

Are you feeling behind too?

We'll we're here today to show off a beautiful card that Shay made - she's the guest designer with us today! Are you ready?

Hi sweets! I am Shay Tibbs, a twenty something mommy to a munchkin living in Ohio. I currently go to school for Graphic Design and teach paper-crafting locally. I started scrapbooking over ten years ago, and have been lucky for some incredible opportunities and gotten to meet some amazing people because of it! I am SO thrilled to be guesting today, and cannot wait to share my project!

I am a scrapbooker and Project Lifer, but the holidays make me want to create cards constantly! From the ones my little guy and I send out to random notecards to stick on gifts, handmade cards are a favorite! Today I want to show you a 3x3 design--

What I love most about this adorable red nosed reindeer is that he's not only cute, but fun to make! Dressed up with a few snowflakes & glitter and he's sure to shine, I know I'll be giving a few sets with envelopes as gifts!

You can find me at a few days a week, or everyday on Instagram @shay_tibbs Follow my Facebook page, Shay Tibbs Designs to stay up to date with all my posts, pictures & events! Thanks for stopping by, Happy Holidays!

Big Hugs to Shay for showing off her talents! 

Today I have big plans to get 'caught up' .... I'll report back! 
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  1. Shay!!! What an adorable set of cards using that sweetie reindeer! (I can guess which one is Rudolph!)

  2. Lovely cards! That reindeer stamp is so cute!