Dec 12, 2013

Grab those markers - pencils - and watercolors!

Hello everyone out there in the sweet world! :)

It's Samantha here today! I have a brand new series all about comparing different ways to add COLOR to your images and cards!! yahooooooo! I am SOOOOO excited to be part of the sweet family!! The team this term is awesome!!! 

Sometimes, when I'm ready to make a card, I think to myself, but how am i going to add color to the images? Paper piecing, copics, distress inks, distress markers, watercolor pencils, ink pads, sprays, seriously, the choices are almost limitless! 

So, today I am sharing the same image that I colored with three different mediums so you can see the difference right here! 

Once I decide how my images are going to be colored, i can focus on the rest of my card. will it be bold? subtle? funny? CAS? seriously, color adds a lot to these choices! 

I used the CUTE as can be washer image from press it wash it! have you seen it yet? It's ADORABLE!!

*full disclosure here peeps...i don't do videos (yet...?) but i'm hoping to remedy that! in the mean time, you'll have to stick with my still pictures. sorry!! :(

Another note: for this tutorial, I only focused on the main area of the washer - the REDs. but the grey's and blues of the images were done in the same manner! :)

First up, I colored the image in distress markers!
I personally always start coloring with the lightest color. once that was all colored in with my trusty wastercolor brush, I went back in with the darker distress inks. 
for instance, the lighter red I have is festive berries, and the darker is fired brick!

step 1: shade a little in the lightest color
step 2: blend out the color with your waterbrush
step 3: add the darker color to your desired shadowed areas
step 4: spread out color with your waterbrush and blend

Next up. I used my watercolor pencils! 
Now these are FUN! do you have any? Hit me up in the comments below if you do! There is so much you can do! 

For these you don't need a lot of different shades of the same color, all you need is time and water! seriously, water level is the key here!

step 1: lightly shade in some area with colored pencil
step 2: blend it in with the water pen
step 3: touch the waterbrush tip directly to the pencil color and get a really intese color
step 4: add the darker color to the shadowed areas
step 5: blend it all together!

step 5

Lastly, of course, I had to use copics to color the image as well!
Many of you are familiar with copic coloring, and I am just a newbie! but I LOOOOOVE practicing!

I always start my coloring process like this:
color with the lightest in the area of the image you want the darkest color to be
follow with the medium color in the same area
step 1: below: blend out with the lighest 
step 2: follow with the darkest color
blend with medium
step 3: blend out all with the lightest color 

What methods do you use when copic coloring? Leave me a comment below and i'll check out your blog!! :)

Here are all three finished ways to color, shown below in a line up!

See the difference? Now you know what kind of card to make! :)

Here's my final card - copic colored, and a smiley face added!! I used a copic colored image so it's a very bold card! :) (since I chose a very BOLD color for this example - red!)

(does this card pique your interest? i have another card on my blog too with the distress marker colored image!)

So what do you think? Are there any images you want to see me color in different ways? Leave a comment below and I'll make it happen! :)

Thanks for checking out my coloring and cards! 

Have a super sweet day!!!

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  1. A great tutorial! I really loved the examples of the different coloring mediums. This makes me want to practice more!

  2. A great tutorial! I really loved the examples of the different coloring mediums. This makes me want to practice more!

  3. Great cards; great tutorial! Distress marker colouring is a 'do-able' for me! Now I'm inspired to add to my little collection of 12...

  4. Such an awesome post! I love the side-by-side comparison!

  5. This is awesome Samantha! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Samantha, what an amazing first post as part of the Sweet Design Team! I love your demonstration photos comparing the different types of coloring...really shows the differences! I look forward to future posts in your series...and your card is precious!