Nov 23, 2013

Ribbon Carousel Hop - Get Bloggin' Wrap Up

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Hello Sweet Peps - Nicole here! We're excited about a really COOL hop that our friends Ribbon Carousel are hosting (and they're including us - how nice!)

So, here's what you'll need to know - straight from Ribbon Carousels leading lady, Corinna

Hey everyone! We've got such a treat in store for you this weekend! To celebrate all of those beautiful Ribbon Carousels being used around the world (yes, we've shipped Carousels to 27 countries now!) to keep ribbon, twine, washi tapes and spooled items tidy, we'll be hopping around our amazing Crewmates blogs this weekend showing you all of the beautiful and creative ways that our designers use THEIR Ribbon Carousels!

Would you like to win your very own Ribbon Carousel? Here is what you need to do: Visit the Designer’s blogs that are participating in each day of the blog hop and comment on their posts as you go. One of the Crewmate’s Holiday blogs (from each hop day) will be randomly chosen as the ‘it’ blog and a winner will be picked using a random number generator from the comments left on that Crewmate’s Holiday Blog Hop post.

You will not know which blog has been chosen so the more Crewmate Blogs you comment on, the better your chances are of winning your very own Ribbon Carousel! The Blog Hop will be open until 11:59 PM Eastern Time Monday, November 25th with the winners being announced Tuesday morning on the Ribbon Carousel Blog.

Already have a Ribbon Carousel?  Share a photo of YOUR Ribbon Carousel on our FaceBook page OR email it to, and we'll share it for you!  You'll be in special drawing  for your choice of a Ribbon Carousel or 4 packages of spools!

For those that want a Ribbon Carousel NOW! Mark your calendar! We'll be having our LOWEST SALE PRICE of the YEAR sale on the Ribbon Carousels and Spools beginning Wednesday, November 27 - Cyber-Monday, December 2!  No coupon code needed!  Just go to our store and enjoy some happy shopping!

Here are the participants for Day 2 of the Ribbon Carousel Holiday Blog Hop. Enjoy!

(and because I can make these sorts of decisions around this place - here's a peek at what's coming in our Sweet December Release - happening on the 5th! --- SO cute!! Right? You'll want in on this release!)

Hi Sweet Fan's! Its Dana here and its time for my last Get Bloggin' post here at Sweet Stamp Shop! :( I have had the most amazing 3 months working with Nicole, Danni and the Sweet Design Team! Thank you so much Nicole for letting me apart of this amazing group!! But not to worry, there is an amazing NEW Design Team lined up for all your inspiration needs!!

So in this post i'm going to be doing a bit of a wrap up! Over the past couple months i have made all sorts of suggestions, tutorials or tips for making your blog better then ever. Here is a list of what i have covered so far!:

  • Get Bloggin' Photo's - This post goes into how i take my pictures, (during the summer, warm months!) along with some tips and a tutorial on how to edit pictures with GIMP (a free photo editing program).
  • Get Bloggin' Blog Banner's and Layout - This post gives some information on making or purchasing a blog banner. It also gives some tips on good blog design along with some blog designers in case you are not a do it yourselfer!! 
  • Get Bloggin' Blog Content Tips & Tricks - This covered the content, what you write in your blog, you want to have a great post title and include keywords through out your post.
  • Get Bloggin' Pinterest - This post covers watermarking your photos, adding a description to your photos, plus adding some nifty Pinterest buttons to your posts and blog.
  • Get Bloggin' Blog Housekeeping - This post covers cleaning up your categories list and how to back up your blog!
If you have missed any post feel free to check them out, or this post would be perfect to bookmark with all the posts in one place, for future reference! :)

Ok so your taking the time to make your blog the best it can be, but how do you know your hard work is working? Its all in the stats or the statistical data for your blog. (If you are using a blogging platform other then blogger, you can find similar information mention in this post, by searching your platform and terms in the post) Blogger gives some basic stats, that i am sure if you are like me, you check them out at least once a day! :)

But you can go further and get lots more useful information. So about October i tried 3 different and free blog analytical data services. Google Analytics, Site Meter and Going Up. I encourage you to give them all a try, however for me personally i liked Google Analytics the best. 

So i'm going to give some brief features of Google Analytics below. The key things that will most effect your Google Analytics are the keywords you use in your posts, post titles and photo descriptions.

You have to have a Google account and sign up for Google Analytics, then add some code to your blog. You can click here for some help on how to get started.

Just some of the information you can get out of Google Analytics:
  • Compare - You can compare any two periods of time against each other. This can include days, weeks, months and even years. You can see if your blog has grown in visits and clicks.
  • Visits - Google Analytics tracks visits to your blog, you can see who are unique visitors or who are returning visitors.
  • Traffic - This has so much info! You can see were the website that people come from (other blogs, google, direct etc.) You can then see within those numbers who are new visitors, how many pages they visited, and how long they stayed on your blog!
  • Keywords - Click on Organic and you can see what people are using when they search and find your blog. You can see what words people are finding you with and are they matching up with the keywords your using in your blog posts!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This is the number of times a page(s) have appeared in google when someone searched for something. It also tells you how many times someone clicked on YOUR page from the results! How cool is that!! 
The above is just some of the information you can get out of Google Analytics! Once you have a few days worth of data you can start seeing what is happening with your blog and you can see even more after a couple months. Here is a screen shot of my Google Analytics for my blog Kraft Paper Stamps. It is comparing October (blue) with November (Orange).

This one below is for all Traffic. Obviously November isn't over with yet, but so far my Traffic in November is better then October!

This graph below is for my SEO (number of times my blog pages have appeared in Google searches).

So as you can see you can get some interesting data! You can use this to see if the updates, keywords, and design changes are making any impact!! Do you use a different blog analytics services?  Leave a comment, i'd love to know what it is and how you like it!!

I hope you have enjoyed this Get Bloggin' series as much as i have! It's been so fun and an honor to spend a little time with you and i hope you have learned at least a little bit in the past 3 months!! 

Before i go i just want to share a super quick card!! Its a great way to use up some Washi Tape!! Click here to check out the detail on my blog.

Sweet Stamp Shop - Designer Dana Warren

Sweet Stamp Shop - Monogram It

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Take care!!


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  1. Dana, your series on blogging has been so informative! I'm so grateful for all the research and time you've invested to help us become better (and smarter: I had no idea about the 'blog back-up process'!) bloggers, especially since this is our key communication tool! You. are. awesome! Now these two cards: delightful! Love the sneak peak of the mixers, and the Thank You is oh so pretty! You'll be missed here, but on the plus side, we know where to find you!! Have a great Saturday!!

    1. Thank you so much!! Your lovely comments mean so much to me!! I'm so glad you found the series useful!! I'll be seeing you around! ;)

  2. Gorgeous ribbon storage is appalling...I would LOVE this carousel!!!

  3. Wow- I needed this series about a year ago when I had just made my blog! I will definitely check out all of your tips now.
    Your card is simple, yet elegant.
    I'd love to win a Ribbon Carousel!

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    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  8. Wow! Lots to learn on this blog - I will have to check out your teachings on improving our blogs! Your CAS card is super - love using the Washi - and I would so much love to win a Ribbon Carousal as well! thank you for the hop and for sharing all of the information - enjoy your crafting week! Gail

  9. I really love your mixer card! I just used my Kitchen aid stand mixer today to make banana bread :) Yummy!
    Beth's Beauties

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  17. Dana, just had to say what a GREAT, informative post you had today...I have learned so much in your time on the DT! I will keep referring back to your posts, they are so full of good info! Your card today is also wonderful, as usual! It has been a pleasure being on the Sweet DT with you!

  18. How funny, and bittersweet, to see your adorable stand mixer card, as I just had to return my brand new KitchenAid mixer to the store I purchased it from two days ago... it didn't work properly. It was my second time buying one too... the first mixer had the exact same problem and had to be returned... can you believe it?! I've had lousy luck with the mixers, so I'm hoping I have better luck at winning a ribbon carousel... I need one much more than a mixer!

  19. Lovely display of ribbons and twine, nice to have them all visable and neat and clean. I am always looking for good organization and this is a nice addition to any crafters tools.

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  21. love the use of the twine and ESPESH the ribbon on that bottom card! the fabric panel is so cool! thank you for the chance to win during this fun hop! i'm itching to grab a few of the Carousels for my own space once it's clean and organized after my move! :)