Aug 7, 2013


Can you believe that we're on challenge #12 already!!? Wowie! 

Ok let's dive right in - We had 10 different people enter in the last challenge (some of you played several times! Hooray! --- Although, I should mention as a reminder - entering more than once does NOT increase your odds of winning - of course we LOVE to see all the entries and we think you should enter as many times as you'd like - it just doesn't increase your odds of winning - b/c we count you as 'one' no matter how many times you enter) 

So, the winner of the best use of the supplies is..... 

Love this card Dana! It's the perfect match of brown and black - AND you used old supplies in a NEW and fun way! 
Take a moment to visit Dana's blog - and take a couple moments to go through all the talented ladies that entered!  (Dana - you're one lucky lady - I just realized that you're one of our random winners from last week - so I'll just add this prize to that package :) -- so no need to email us - we've got ya covered! :) LUCKY! 

Ready for this week?! Let's go over the rules - real quick... 


Read through the directions carefully - we've changed just a couple things... (well, not really changed - just made more clear) 

You'll have until next Tuesday to add your link below - your link needs to be to the direct post not to your general blog - and it needs to include -

1. A link back to our challenge (and optional - our challenge badge - see above)

2. A picture of your stash

3. A picture of your project

Some Extra Details -

1. You do not *have to* use SSS in your card or project - although, we'd love it! (and we can't feature your project in our marketing without you using SWEET! - so keep that in mind!)

2. You have until Tuesday at 10pm pst to add your link below

3. There will be ONE winner based upon most creative use of 'old stuff' .... and ONE winner drawn from all the participants. Winners will be announced the day of the new challenge - so, in this case... next Wednesday. Prize will be something sweet - lol. REMINDER - NEW RULE - In order for us to have TWO winners we must have AT LEAST 15 entries (by 15 different people - multiple entries don't count towards the 15) in the challenge! If not, then we'll just award the one person who used their stash the best. SO, SHARE the challenge and get your friends on board!

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Create whatever strikes your fancy - scrapbook page, project life - cards - altered art - home decor.... anything! Just be sure to use that old stuff in it!

(also, we had a question about multiple entries - YES, you can make as many cards as you like! BUT, it doesn't increase your odds of winning - your name will go into the hat 'once')

INTERNATIONAL participation is welcome - but, prizes will be shipped at the expense of the participant. 


So, here is the 'stash' of buttons that I'm trying to work through - the embarrassing part you cant see, I have about 35lbs of buttons that are stashed in a box and I just 'refill' the little jars when they get low.... (don't ask how many times I've refilled - because I just feel bad that I've NEVER refilled them - I need to use my button stash WAY MORE than what I do!)

I decided to make a simple - one color - card with some pink buttons.... 

I love the feather background - and the 'ombre' look of the card. Sigh, it's just so purr-tty! 

I used the feathers from the new 'Dia De Los Muertos' set and the sentiment is from 'Color Wheel' 

Dia De Los Muertos

Color Wheel 

Now it's your turn to dig through your stash and use up what you have!! 


We're looking for our new design team!! 

Applications due Aug. 15th

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  1. Congratulation Dana! And Nicole your card is beautiful (as usual!!) I love the pink fade and the red buttons are a total pop of passion! Fun!!!!

  2. Congrats Dana - love those specs! Nicole the pretty shades of pink are just gorgeous. And you did make me laugh with your storry - 35lbs of buttons!!! You could cover a wall :)

  3. Holy cow!! This is awesome! Thanks so much!! I hope this rubs off on the lottery ticket i got today!! LOL I love your button holder and gorgeous card!! I love those feathers!!

  4. Oh, those feathers and that pink! Yum!