Jul 21, 2013

Operation Organize: Great Craft Uses for Household Items.

Welcome to Sunday. I hope you had an relaxing and productive weekend. Or was like me and did NOTHING. It felt so good. Jennifer here with your dose of OPERATION ORGANIZE.

Today I am showing you how I use everyday items (and a couple unique) to organize your craft area.
I hope you find a couple that you have never thought of.

JARS... I find I have a lot of them around my house and use them a lot in my craft area.
You can find these "cheap" cookie jars (the red handle ones)at the thrift stores. Most of the time I find them for under $5.00. They are perfect for the items that you have multiples of. As you see I store my scrabble tiles in one. It looks cool and it is very easy to access. The round one is a vintage candy jar that I got at an occasional sale. I used to store my flowers in it. (remember the flowers that you used on EVERYTHING?!?!).  Now I store my Washi in it. It also looks pretty cool and I can see everything in it. 
(Here is a tip for labeling Washi. Write the manufacturer in side with a sharpie. That way when you make your items used list you know who's Washi it is.)

Magazine Holders
These are the PERFECT size for the Thickers and Alpha stickers. You need to find the wide ones. I found mine at Office Depot. And they hold a lot.

Small Containers
I found this Parmesan shaker at a thrift store and it is perfect for my sequins. I also find myself collecting these small tins, I am finally putting them to good use. Add a fun label and store those special items.  

Tool Boxes
Another collection I have tool /tackle /lunch boxes. I love the vintage look and how utilitarian they are. They store a lot and you can stack them. I tend to use each one for a single purpose. Like the one below that just holds my pins. I have one for alcohol inks, small playing cards, wood mounted rubber stamps, jewelry making supplies and October Afternoon wild and journal cards. 

Some of my more unique items are vintage receipt holders. You know the kind that you "stab" the paper on.  I store my newest ribbon and washi on them. I have them up on a shelf so no one can hurt themselves with them. And vintage Pyrex colored glass bowls. I love the color and how the items in it are easy accessible.

Don't forget to get a Sneak Peek at the JULY release here! It is #2 in the slide show. The stamps will be available July 24th! Get your shopping list all written.

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What is a tip you can give our readers on a unique storage item?  Please leave a comment with your tip.

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  1. Love the receipt holders! Very Clever! Want to share your Studio Calico and Freckled Fawn? da da da da daaaaa Im lovin it!

  2. Great tips! I also found that washing out empty Yankee Candle jars is helpful...I have a big one that I store my buttons in, and the lids seal on so nicely! The smell of the candle is still faintly there, too, so that's an extra bonus each time I open the jar!